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Painters in Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Urban scenes, Figurative, Pop Art, Expressionist and Abstract Art. Drawings, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and ink, Calligraphy, Stained and Fused glass. Sculpture, Stone and Wood carving, Pottery, Ceramics, Paper cuts, Printmaking and Linocuts. Jewellery, Mosaics, Poetry, Textiles and craftsman designed wooden furniture.

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Angela Edwards

I am a contemporary artist working mainly in oil paint on wooden panels and charcoal on paper. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 2014 and work from a studio @ West Street loft in Shoreham. In the twenty-first century it is always interesting to see a fine artist conflating traditional materials with new technology.  This is the case in the work of Angela Edwards whose prime medium is oil paint on board or canvas and sometimes charcoal on paper, with the methodology of her...

Karolyn Mnich

Karolyn is a printmaker illustrator who has lived in Shoreham for the past 20 years and where the natural and urban landscape have become a feature of her work. Her artwork has been commissioned for a wide range of purposes from cover designs, greeting cards, puzzles, murals to way finding monoliths. Throughout the year Karolyn's colourful lino cuts and wood engravings can be seen at the Shoreham Art Gallery, where unframed prints and cards are also on sale. If you would like...

Marcus Finch

Marcus Finch BA is a self employed multi-media artist and tutor.  He teaches 5 "open media" daytime classes and an evening life class each week. His aim is to provide as much one to one teaching as possible in a session to encourage aspiring artists and enable them to develop an individual style. He is also well known across Sussex for inspiring Demonstrations and Workshops at Art Society meetings, and for exhibiting with both the "Adur Art Collective" and the Worthing "Open...

Frans de Leij

I did not go to art school - in fact, I trained as a biologist at the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands). Although, I am a self-taught painter, I have gained a lot of inspiration from the work of other artists, notably from impressionist water-colourists like Edward Seago, John Yardley, Edward Wesson, Nina Engle and Trevor Chamberlain. The work of these painters breathes an air of directness and freshness that is so attractive about watercolour and almost impossible t...

Shirley Trevena

Shirley Trevena has always pushed the boundaries of watercolour and is regarded as one of Britain's most innovative watercolourists. Shirley breaks the conventional rules of watercolour in many different ways: through her bold compositions, unusual perspectives, fascinating textures an, above all, the strength and vibrancy of her colour combinations. "Since I resigned from my planning job over 25 years ago to become a full-time artist, I have had the most wonderful adventure...


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