Photo Editing – Rotate, Crop and Resize

One of the things I have learnt since becoming involved with the aAc website is the difficulty faced by many artists have in submitting images of a suitable size and format for the website. On a personal level I have always used Photoshop, which is invaluable for printing purposes, but is a bit heavyweight for the images that I want to upload for websites, not to mention the cost and learning curv...Read More

A Painting A Day – An Experiment

The Experiment Recently (May 2017) I have started  “A painting A Day”. The reason for my starting a painting each day was because I always felt I should be practising and sketching  and I don’t like sketching, I like painting. I like a paint brush in my hand not a pencil. However everyday I felt I should be doing something if I wanted to be an artist and then tended not to do anything. Added...Read More

Update to the Discussion Forum

To make the discussion forum more user friendly we decided to remove it and replace with a members blog.

The Use of Tags and Categories

Less is More Hopefully you will of heard the axiom, “Less is more”. This is true when using categories and tags within your posts, events or products. It is important to ensure that you are giving as few options as possible whilst giving the visitor a choice that fulfills their requirements. Coupled to this it is important that the page that the tag, or category, that the visitor is taken to is as...Read More

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