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Great Powertex Mixed media demo in Shoreham.

Kore Sage gave a great mixed media demonstration on Saturday 18th March at Huntington hall of the amazingly versatile products in the Powertex range.

This water based non toxic and environmentally friendly range was designed by a Dutch Artist Bridgite Grade and is a delight to use.

Kore showed us 3d possibilities for weatherproof sculpture and 2d and 3d Stone art texture for canvases and lots more. I loved the Bister walnut inks and powedered pigments especially.

I can’t wait to get some and have a go. Very inspirational. Thank you Kore I hope you can do some workshops for us later in the year.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity. It was a great afternoon and there were lots of project ideas forming. I’m looking forward to holding some workshops, there’s so much more to demonstrate!

  2. What a brilliant demonstration! Powertex have clearly produced a versatile, complimentary and friendly (both user and environmentally speaking) range.
    Kore’s enthusiasm for these media was so infectious that the possibilities seem infinite.


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