David J Lilly

David is colour-blind from birth. Born into a time and place where colour-blindness was considered a limiting factor, David was consciously discouraged at school from taking up an artistic career. David’s most lasting memory of being exposed to mind-boggling art (as a teenager) was Coventry Cathedral; and it was from there that his love of coloured glass began. At the turn of the 21st century David found himself with free time and went on a stained- glass course. This lead on…

Lizzie Lee

I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2000 with a BA in 3-Dimensional Craft, where I experimented with techniques for recycling plastic. My work then was using mainly colourful plastic (from milk bottle tops) fused with fruit and vegetable nettings, and I won the university’s Innovation Award for the process. I later became interested in the delicacy of the actual milk bottles and started fusing them with lace and net curtains. The shades are made from fragments of l…

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