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Eleonora Medwell

My name is Eleonora Medwell, I was born in Ukraine and have been leaving in Worthing, West Sussex, UK since 2005 with my husband Kenneth. I am a self- taught artist, inspired by the beauty of nature, people’s faces, mixed media and art works of other artists. I loved to draw when I was a child but painting becomes my passion just three years ago, when I started to paint nearly every day. I am inspired by the mixed media artists and the stories they tell through their art: Ann…

Tom Gillham

I am fascinated by what it is to be human, our encounters with nature and creation of man-made objects as a result. My art seeks to convey aspects of beautiful imperfection I see in the world. My intention is to create pictures and images that resonate and connect with others. Previously a Londoner, I am loving the fresh air and openness of West Sussex.  My home since 2011 is on edge of downs overlooking coastal town and sea, these local scenes have provided me with wonderful…

Maddie Zayeet

I like to use film-making, photography, theatre, sculpture and papier-mache in my work. Art is how I tend to engage in political expression, connect with nature and explore pattern and chaos. I’m a founding member (1998) of The Dyke Modern art collective which runs workshops and events locally. You can have a look at some of my films on my Youtube channel: Maddie Zayeet

Mervyn Wallis

My most recent work is in stained glass and I am combining my interest in digital media with silk screen printing sand blasting.I begin by selecting a series of images and then with Photoshop adjust tonality contrast etc and convert them into half tone images which can then be transferred to silk screen and printed onto glass.In addition I can use the screens to produce images which can be sand blasted onto the glass.

Jude Evans

I have lived on the south coast for many years, and the landscape and seaside of East and West Sussex have inspired me to create images that express my sense of connection with local surroundings. Currently, I’m working on making graphic images of local scenes of Worthing, Brighton and Shoreham-by-Sea, using photography and digital technology, which offer a new and exciting way of transforming the landscape into visual art. All my images are available to buy as limited editio…

Candy Medusa

Candy Medusa is an artist, illustrator, marine biologist and loudmouth, constantly confused as to why artists’ statements are supposed to be in the third person. Specialising in digital media, pen and ink, mixed media and upcycling, she draws much of her inspiration from nature and is passionate about the environment. She mostly makes art between midnight and 4am when the kids are asleep. Candy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, including with the Royal So…

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