Amanda Clayton

Contemporary artist and art teacher born in Bristol, residing in Yatton, North Somerset until the age of 21. Since then I have pretty much have lived north, south, east and west in the UK. Now working in Surrey and living in West Sussex, I aim to focus more of my time on my own art practice which I know will continue to positively impact my classroom teaching.

Vanessa Reynolds

I relocated to the beautiful County of Sussex from Hampshire in September 2016 and I have been captivated by the landscape and seascape here. My latest body of work has tried to capture the vibrant colours of the sun lit hills and valleys of the South Downs this Summer ‘Walks with Owen.’ I have also included part of a collection of dancing couples, particularly focussing on dramatic lighting and the physicality of dance. I was selected to be as a contestant on Sky Arts Landsc…

Karren Urben

My paintings are all inspired by my surroundings. I live in West Sussex and have constant inspiration in the Land and Seascapes around me. Visiting seabirds are a constant delight. Oystercatchers, Egrets and Turnstones among them I’m often drawn to paint them. Mostly working in Oil on canvas from my little studio at home in Ferring, from which I can see Highdown Hill, tonal values and the play of light is a delight to try and capture. My dogs soon draw me out of the studio an…

Judy Alexander

These windblown poppies were painted, layered with textiles and heavily stitched on paper and canvas.

Lyn Rohde
Lyn Rohde

I gained an Honours Degree in Fine Art (Painting) at Wimbledon School of Art in 1984. Since then I have exhibited my work at various venues in and around London and I had my first solo exhibition in 1986. After living in Teddington for many years, I moved to Brighton in October 2006. I am a member of the Shoreham Gallery, the Kemptown Arts Association and Teddington Artists. I spent most of my childhood in France. I find inspiration in my immediate environment as well as plac…

Julia Ann Field

I paint plein air Landscapes, Sacred-scapes and saucy little “Willendorfs” based on the Paleolithic Venus figurine. ​

Tim Gwyther

The underlying theme in my work is the relationship between past and present.: pathways and markers that delineate the landscape;  cities revealing their memories in shadows and decay. Places named in a different age –dislocated now from their origins. Stolen meanings and associations with art from the past. A dynamic exchange with ancient sites and artefacts. Much of my work originates in Cornwall and I am represented there at the Riverbank Gallery in Newlyn

Tina Stiles

Tina took up painting after retiring from a career in marketing and public relations, promoting fashion and the arts in London and Sussex. She has lived in Brighton for 47 years and exhibits her work in exhibitions and galleries throughout Sussex. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylic, gouache, pastel and oil. Her style is ‘graphic’ and she’s particularly fond of the style of the 1920s/30s. She has a penchant for cats, oil portraits and buildings that mean something…

Susanne Hopkinson

I work mainly in watercolour and pen although I have dabbled in pencil crayon and pastels, with the odd foray into oils.  I have lived in Sussex for over twenty years and feel that the Downs have a special place in my paintings , hence the multitude of sheep.  There is a rather illustrative edge to my painting and sometimes I venture beyond what I see and instead use my imagination . Hence the paintings of ladies with dogs or the exuberant floral depictions. My Shop Seasonal…

Sue Hawksworth

I have long been inspired by the effect man and nature have on the landscape. Light and shadow play an important part in my work enabling the pattern and form of the landscape to be revealed. I have explored these themes in a range of media including monoprint and collograph. I enjoy working with different materials and processes, and the flexibility of mixing media enables me to explore more abstract forms. Recently, I have been making drawings of ruined buildings, including…

Sarah Duffield

I try to paint my emotional connection to a landscape rather than a photographic representation. Often the way light is interacting with a landscape dictates the colours I use to describe it – morning light is pink and peach, the earth is often blue and cold while at Sunset the light is red or orange, grass is warmer and colours richer. People have a strong affinity with colour and often don’t realise how closely connected to emotion it is. When someone looks at one of my pai…

Phil Driver

I live in Shoreham and have been painting scenes around the country and abroad for many years. I paint mostly in oils which allows me flexibility and to create my own style. I am a member of Shoreham gallery and have sculptures and paintings there.

Malcolm Gillespie

Malcolm is overwhelmed by the energy of life, the powerful need of creatures, plants to exist. Birth, sex, death, everything that powers life. He loves oil colour on a canvas, the smell, the way it’s moved with a hog hair brush. He loves the richness of the earth colours but not exclusively. Malcolm has always painted as much as time would allow, since he was about 5 years old. In many ways the most significant experience was seeing the film The Horses Mouth when he was about…

Krysia Drury

Krysia Drury studied at Camberwell School of Art in the late 60s. She is a Fine Art Graduate in painting and printmaking. Krysia has taught Art for many years and is now retired and able to devote her time to painting. She opens her own house in Shoreham during the Adur Art Trail and shows in Brighton Open Houses. She is a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society and was a founder member of the Chalk Gallery in Lewes. She has shown work in the Skylark Gallery on the Southbank…

Lesley Taylor

Landscapes in oil and print.

Jean Farrer

I make drawings locally or when on journeys. I use these and digested memory to create my work.I am interested in using drawing, colour and light to create atmosphere and a sense of place. I paint in watercolours and oils and have made many artists prints. I have exhibited widely including in Ipswich, Cambridge, Bath, a number of venues in Brighton,  in Lewes, Chichester, Alfriston,and in various places in London.  I currently have work on show  in Ryde I o W, and the Ariege…

John Stanley-Clamp

Having studied textile design at art school and at The Royal College of Art, I found that the design aspect helped me in my future jobs. The first one was as the artist at Harrods, followed by designing window displays and exhibitions for Kodak and eventually as Art Director for graphic design at Conrans. After a varied period of freelance work, including photography, in London I moved in to teaching and running the department of visual communications at Northbrook College. M…

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