Karen Bravery

Karen lives in Shoreham-by-sea and paints in her garden studio. Karen has been using pastels for animal portraits since 2015. She is mostly self-taught. In August 2016, following a long career as a nurse she took early retirement to develop her painting skills and abilities in portraiture. Since retiring she has been attending life drawing classes and is learning to draw and paint the human face. She loves seeing the face of the animal or person emerge from the page.

Penny Mechen

Creating a 2D image of a 3D subject can be frustrating and torturous as often as it is satisfying and joyous, but what I love about it is that it is always totally absorbing. You will see from my work that I enjoy different subject matter as well as different mediums and styles. I find that different mediums suit different subjects, and switching between all these things keeps the work spontaneous and fresh-for me as well as, I hope, for those viewing it. I am passionate abou…

Wendy Standen

I retired from primary teaching in 2002, having always been in charge of Art and Design in the various schools in which I taught. I had great opportunities to learn skills across the wide range of arty crafty subjects (everything from pottery to lino cuts from woodwork to embroidery!) On retirement I finally had the energy to explore and develop my own interests. Initially I went to life drawing and sculpture classes, loving creating the human form in clay and stone and this…

Tim Gwyther

The underlying theme in my work is the relationship between past and present.: pathways and markers that delineate the landscape;  cities revealing their memories in shadows and decay. Places named in a different age –dislocated now from their origins. Stolen meanings and associations with art from the past. A dynamic exchange with ancient sites and artefacts. Much of my work originates in Cornwall and I am represented there at the Riverbank Gallery in Newlyn

Tina Stiles

Tina took up painting after retiring from a career in marketing and public relations, promoting fashion and the arts in London and Sussex. She has lived in Brighton for 47 years and exhibits her work in exhibitions and galleries throughout Sussex. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylic, gouache, pastel and oil. Her style is ‘graphic’ and she’s particularly fond of the style of the 1920s/30s. She has a penchant for cats, oil portraits and buildings that mean something…

Sue Hawksworth

I have long been inspired by the effect man and nature have on the landscape. Light and shadow play an important part in my work enabling the pattern and form of the landscape to be revealed. I have explored these themes in a range of media including monoprint and collograph. I enjoy working with different materials and processes, and the flexibility of mixing media enables me to explore more abstract forms. Recently, I have been making drawings of ruined buildings, including…

Scilla Allen

After leaving school i went to Worthing Art College from there i went to Newport Art College in South Wales where i studied Graphics/Illustration which i really loved. Our teaching was based on really looking and seeing in order to be able to draw really well.   I loved the process of Litho while i was there and although this was difficult to pursue when not at college i have done a course of this taught by a friend at North Star Studios in Brighton. At that time i was doing…

Deborah Fleming

I have always been interested in painting and colour. So after doing a foundation course in art and various other courses I took painting more seriously and also took classes in stained glass using copperfoil technique. I have got my inspiration from various artists over the years but as I am a Christian, I am inspired by God’s creation around me. I am always developing my art in both my painting and my glass work, exploring new ways to do things and to express my love of nat…

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