Vanessa Reynolds

I relocated to the beautiful County of Sussex from Hampshire in September 2016 and I have been captivated by the landscape and seascape here. My latest body of work has tried to capture the vibrant colours of the sun lit hills and valleys of the South Downs this Summer ‘Walks with Owen.’ I have also included part of a collection of dancing couples, particularly focussing on dramatic lighting and the physicality of dance. I was selected to be as a contestant on Sky Arts Landsc…

Jo-Anna Rawlings

Jo-Anna Rawlings 3D Fiber Artist JAB IT TO LIFE I live and grew up on the Sussex coast, I have studied art textiles and design at university and enjoy creating unique handcrafted goods. I always try to evolve and bring my sculptures to life. Each sculpture is made of 100% cleaned raw wool, I first study the animal, draw them, understand the skeleton form which represents a wire armature, then wrapping and building its form with wool. I jab it to life. This process from start…

Gill Dixon

Originally trained as a Stage Designer, for many years I worked in costume design and production for the two London opera houses. Recently I have been creating paintings, embroideries and textile based pieces in response to my immediate environment; the river Adur in all its changing moods, the tidal ebb and flow under the looming presence of the South Downs and even the  sun-baked streets of Shoreham. Most recently I have been  working in acrylics making paintings and drawin…

Sue Jones
Sue Jones

I have been making textile bags, accessories and related items such as purses, phone and glasses cases for about 6 years. I love fabric and like to try different techniques all the time. By never making 2 identical bags I never get bored!

Over the Moon

Over the Moon is a flexible creative collective based in Shoreham-by-Sea. We produce handmade collections using quirky textiles and reloving discarded materials and we curate local happenings showcasing handcrafted wares and encouraging people to take part in the fun of making. For more information about Over the Moon and where you can find us please visit us at

Jean Griffiths

I studied Art at Northbrook College in the mid 90’s and rekindled a lifelong interest in stitching and Textiles. I have exhibited on the Adur Art Trail every year since its inception. My work is inspired by my interest in geography, landscape and the natural environment.I use a variety of techniques including machine and hand stitching, collage, printing and painting to produce framed and wall hung works as well as smaller pieces. Texture and colour are vital elements of my w…

Hala Sabet

Painting reliefs and textiles

Denise Collins

Painting and textiles

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