Stone Sculpture

Moira Houston

I was first fascinated by the story of Michael Angelo when I was only about 10years old and the idea that the sculpture could be hidden in the stone. In my 30’s I started to explore life drawing classes with teachers inspired by the visionary artist Cecil Collins which gave ways to ‘let go’ and allow something beyond your day-to-day self to be expressed in drawing. I eventually I found that stone as a medium resonated with me very deeply. It took me to contact a different dim…

Rachael Swift

Trained at workshops under late John Skelton in Ditchling. Lives and works in Keymer and carves in a variety of stone. The stone dictates the style of work but mainly, it is life inspired abstract and of a tactile nature created by curves. John Skelton said “we do not have straight lines in our sculpture”.Exhibits throughout Sussex. A member of Attic Club. Work created for both interior &exterior display  in a range of manageable size and affordable price. A regular exhib…

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