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Demonstrations / Painting / Sculpture

Using Powertex to create mixed media artwork

Mixed Media with Powertex

Mixed Media Powertex painting of buildings and sea in red

Kore Sage – Red Sea – Powertex on canvas

Powertex was developed as a liquid fabric hardener but can be used to create mixed media work including paintings, sculpture and jewellery. Wet Powertex can be sprayed or painted with bister (walnut ink) sprays and heated to form crackle effects. Stone effect combines the adhesion of the Powertex medium with Stone Art paper particles to build up convincing textures.

Once poured, the window for use is about 1 hour, giving lots of time to manipulate fabric or collage. In a couple of hours it’s touch dry for spraying, painting, or varnishing. In a week, Powertex is fully hardened and in 3 weeks is weatherproof.

The medium has changed my work and I’m exploring new techniques and experimenting with new materials.

There will be Powertex demonstrations on Saturday 18th March 2017 at Shoreham Free Church.

See the events for details.

Embellished bottle and wine glasses

Powertex bottle and glasses

Landscape beach scene painted with Powertex

Landscape painting in Powertex and bister sprays



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