A Personal Choice

I have assembled this exhibition to show paintings and pictures from the last twenty years that are my Personal Choice.  Lots of artists, me included, end up with many things they don’t actually like or have grown out of, but these are my lasting favourites.

During my career as a graphic designer I worked on national and international projects for companies in the UK and Europe – designing many well-known Corporate Identity programmes and retail packaging.

From a very young age I was always drawing and creating things. I can remember being the only child at nursery who was allowed to use the coloured Plasticine while all the others had to use the horrid mixed-up grey stuff.

The 1950s were a very grey time in this country, and then suddenly we were in the 60s, and an explosion of colour and design. Luckily that was my era.

I had a long and quite academic education at Art School, including studying printmaking, ceramics and theatre design, finally ending up as a designer. Becoming a graphic designer suited me very well – there were always completely different challenging projects coming up so I never got bored. I still painted and drew in my spare time and always kept sketch books.

In recent years, since working less, I have been able to spend more time painting. I had quite a long spell attending sessions at Emily Ball at Seawhite which gave me a chance to loosen up and learn more about myself and my work. My work style is varied and covers many different subjects probably due to having had to work on many different problems in my time as a designer.

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As you can see from the paintings my first love is colour and line. I often wish I could do more monochromatic pictures but I am always seduced by the colours whether out in the landscape or indoors painting from imagination.

I go out painting with friends in the Sussex countryside and the combination of the light and fresh air is very inspirational and enhances the sense of well-being. It usually encourages more satisfactory results.

I mostly get my ideas from things I see, the accidental juxtaposition of colours and shapes are inspiring. Many of my pictures and subjects are based on things I have observed on my travels, new colours, different people and buildings, all sorts of images. I record all these in my sketchbooks and have done so all my life. I have well over a hundred now and they are always a good source of inspiration and a useful record of my visual life.

I have taken part in many mixed and solo exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Recent exhibitions include the Society of Graphic Fine Art, the Royal Watercolour Society at the Bankside Gallery, London, the South East Open Print Exhibition, the Chichester Open Exhibition, the Brighton Open Exhibition and a solo exhibition at Kirsten Kjaers Museum in Denmark.

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