Amanda Duke has joined Shoreham Art Gallery

We’re happy to announce that the textile and mixed media artist Amanda Duke has now joined Shoreham Art Gallery.
Visit us and see her beautiful work.

Amanda says:

“My mixed media and textile work are a response to what I find in my natural surroundings. Activities around foraging, collecting, experimenting with wet and dry media processes are inspired by a year residency at Sussex Prairie Gardens. I continue to research and explore in my own garden as I alter and adapt it, grow what I need and create place that suits my interests in ephemerality in nature.

Using a variety of paper, fabric and mix media processes I sketch, make rubbings and contact prints, dye and assemble fabric and paper collages which record my feelings.

I run courses at home, Sussex Prairies and Amberley, that have evolved from my teaching experience and making my own work”

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