Angela Evans – Guest Artist for August at Shoreham Art Gallery

Brighton is where Angela went to school and did a degree in Wood Metal Ceramics and Plastics. After many years sharing workshops in London and Brighton,

Angela is now settled in her workshop, situated in a garden where her fruit and vegetable tiles grow alongside the apples and onions. Butterfly, bird, flower and fish tiles busily evolve by the herbaceous borders; and her amoebae designs multiply within spitting distance of their mutating brethren in the compost heap.

She is inspired by her location in a city surrounded by the sea and the downs. Recently Angela has been obsessed by a childhood memory of a copse of trees on a hilltop and has been making a series of tiles based on this image.

Angela takes plaster to capture textures and form and uses found objects – bits of broken clocks or golf tees – to make marks and patterns. She loves drawing into and building up textures on clay using slip and then covering them in highly transparent glazes which pick up every mark: not all intentional.

Making moulds perfectly satisfies the urge she has to repeat again and again, and by tweaking them slightly birds, fish, butterflies, fruit and vegetables all have unique characters with subtle differences.
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