Kim Adele Fuller


I live on the Sussex coast in Shoreham by sea and paint seascapes, landscapes, coastal and abstract themes.

I am inspired by the ever-changing nature of the sea and the sky that surround me and try to reflect this in my paintings.

I particularly enjoy the dramatic, yet transient effects of atmosphere and light and liberating feeling of the space and tranquility of the shoreline.

I work primarily in watercolour as I feel it has a translucency and vibrancy hard to match in any other medium although i enjoy experimenting with new styles, mediums and techniques.

My paintings are built of layers of colour and texture to capture the light, energy and mood of the moment.

I also produce my own paintings as limited edition giclee prints and cards.

Other peoples thoughts that have influenced my own:

‘ generally perfection is a bad thing, it stifles originality and self expression and makes a painting ordinary rather than different and exciting’ Mike Bernard

‘ The art of painting is to see beyond the everyday familiar vision of things’ Johan Wolfgang Goethe

‘ Half the point of painting is that you dont know what is going to happen’ Lucian Freud

‘ take advantage of your mistakes ‘ JMWTurner

‘ If you work carefully and logically through a painting all you have left is a bore, there has to be an element of chance’ Charles Bartlett

Telephone: 07894037877

Commisions: No


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