Sam Hobbs


“Growing up near the North East coast, I am inspired by seascapes both real and imagined. I am drawn to forgotten worlds and the mythical, where the possibility of magic lies. I seek out old atlases, maps and stamps to use in my work, combining collage, print and drawing to bring new life and meaning to these beautiful, redundant items”.

Sam Hobbs is an Artist Teacher with a background in textiles. She worked as a designer and self-employed shop owner before training to teach art. Sam currently leads an art team in a local secondary school and works with trainee teachers. She has taken part in the national ‘Sketchbook Circle’ project for the past four year and this has led to a re-engagement with her own artistic practice and an exciting new direction for her work. Sam’s current work included small collages and mixed media pieces but she does like to experiment with scale and different media. Expect to see some screen-printed maps in the future as well as some large scale cyanotypes.

Telephone: 07739074785

Commisions: Yes

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