Artwork by Susanna Chaplin.

Susanna Chaplin

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Artist Galleries, Printmaking

Susanna Chaplin currently makes prints – mostly etchings and mono prints. Sometimes she dyes the background paper to make the colours sing. She has a BA hons degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Falmouth College of Art. As a member of the Wick Theatre Company in Southwick, she paints the sets for five productions a year – and makes her own paintings too.

Fusion artwork by artist Sarah Jane Bridgland.

Sarah Jane Bridgland

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Artist Galleries, Glass Craft

Sarah is a glass fusion artist inspired by the natural world. She makes suncatchers, birds, bowls and dishes, spoon rests, incense burners, jewellery, and has recently started making large pictures. Sarah works with System 96 and loves the way that the light shines through the translucent colours and the tactile nature of glass.

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