Tom Gillham

Poppy #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 75x100cm

I am fascinated by what it is to be human, our encounters with nature and creation of man-made objects as a result. My art seeks to convey aspects of beautiful imperfection I see in the world. My intention is to create pictures and images that resonate and connect with others.

Previously a Londoner, I am loving the fresh air and openness of West Sussex.  My home since 2011 is on edge of downs overlooking coastal town and sea, these local scenes have provided me with wonderful inspiration, as reflected in in my work.

Enjoying experimentation on part-time MA Fine Art course at Brighton University, it provides an opportunity to develop my practice and try out some new techniques and materials.  My studies have remind me of my true passion is for painting – as I find the act marking making very fulfilling.  I believe it is important for traces of movement, energy and gestures to be apparent in the art work.  Drawing and painting what I love is an expression of my love for life.

Commissions undertaken: Yes
Phone Number: 07963073103
  • Studies of Female Nude - May 2018 - Arcylic on Board (16 pieces, each 25x25cm)
  • Portrait #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 75x100cm
  • Pier #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 100x75cm