Calling all Artists – Old & New Art Exhibition

Old & New Art Exhibition at St Mary de Haura

Saturday 3rd to Sunday 18th June 2017
11am- 5pm Monday to Saturday –  2pm- 5pm on Sundays

The theme this year is Old & New and can be interpreted in any way you wish as long as there is some kind of connection with the theme.

Suggestions for ideas:
Anything showing comparison or contrast of ‘Old and New’ eg, scenic views, places, buildings, people, objects changing due to technology.
You can choose to use either just the word ‘Old’ or just the word ‘New’.
For sculpture, mosaic, textile, glass, collage etc it can be the materials used that refer to being ‘Old’ or ‘New’.
You may have a piece of work which was made some time ago but which holds special memories or depicts a past event or occasion which visitors would find interesting now – and this could be classed as ‘Old’.

Suggestions from Revd Ann for those wishing to produce artwork from a biblical aspect:
The bible gives us the definitive guide to God’s love and is at the heart of the Christian faith. It comes in a rich wrapping of Christian experience and interpretation. 2017 has been designated the ‘Year of the Bible’ in the Diocese of Chichester – a year where we take a closer look at this definitive guide and its biblical stories, poetry, wisdom, prophecy and history.
To reflect this focus on the bible, we have chosen the theme ‘Old and New’ for the festival exhibition in St Mary de Haura in June, reminding us of the two main sections of the bible, the Old and New Testaments.

But ‘Old and New’ resonates for Shoreham in a different way, in its historic division in to Old Shoreham and New Shoreham. And of course, ‘Old and New’ is open to all kinds of interpretations – we look forward to seeing how this theme is interpreted by you, the artists.

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