Encounters- an Exhibition by Hala Sabat

As we flow through life, we observe, interact, feel and reflect on everything we encounter. These encounters inspire and enrich our being. People, cars, nature and even architecture enhances our senses and develops an inspiration that stays with us eternally. “Encounters” is an exhibition of Hala’s latest Paintings produced during 2020 reflecting on her different … Read more

Featured Artist – Delia Lindon-Spence

Music has always been central to Delia’s life and painting is an extension of this passion, expressed through colour, shape, layout and the sheer physicality of it all. Delia worked professionally in Ballet, Drama and Opera and currently coaches professional and student singers. Shirley Trevena, RA Patron of Adur Art Collective, awarded Delia the prize … Read more

Featured Artists – Kore Sage

Kore is a mixed media artist and Powertex tutor. Kore uses Powertex Universal Medium, acrylic and other media to create textured art, including textiles, wood and rust. The local coastline, in particular the West Pier structures and seasonal beach skies, have been the inspiration for paintings and textures. The energy of the coastal weather have … Read more

Featured Artist – Daniela Maria Gargiulo

Daniela Maria Gargiulo is a British artist, and has lived and worked in Sussex for the past 18 years. Her current work is autobiographical and documents her everyday life through painted paper collage. Daniela’s source is a growing collection of over 600 ‘self portrait’ photographs (showing only her legs and feet), taken as a documentary diary … Read more

Shoreham Gallery Online Shop now open

Shoreham Art Gallery are happy to announce they have launched their online shop www.shorehamgallery.co.uk. New items are being added regularly. The gallery will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. We are making plans to keep our customers and artists safe with social distancing measures in place. We will also need to … Read more

Connected to Nature at Seawhite Studio

This is a four-day drawing course that will introduce different ways of engaging with and connecting to nature.  These include walking, guided meditation and gathering samples from the nearby landscape.  The course is an opportunity to: be more present in nature; notice the passing of time / seasonal changes; and increase your awareness of how … Read more


I like a big project and next year I’ve got one – I’ve been asked to paint four landscapes for the Horsham District Year of Culture and exhibit them during a solo show in September. So far we’ve chosen the four views, I’ve met some lovely people, been scared by a lot of cows and finally produced some sketches. Read on for the full story.