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Jola Spytkowska – Ceramic Creatures

Why do you create what you do?
I want to make myself happy and others into the bargain. Its what I do best and its my way of giving pleasure to others – and to hopefully inspire them.

Teresa Martin – Tortoise Psychosis

What is your greatest joy when creating?
I like the transfer of creative energy into a new form. Some works take more than 18 months to complete, absorbing huge amount of sustained faith and concentration. When they finally go on show, the public reaction replenishes your spirit again.


I like a big project and next year I’ve got one – I’ve been asked to paint four landscapes for the Horsham District Year of Culture and exhibit them during a solo show in September. So far we’ve chosen the four views, I’ve met some lovely people, been scared by a lot of cows and finally produced some sketches. Read on for the full story.

Free drop in sessions – Find out all about my big Horsham District Year of Culture project

Nick – “We want you to paint an image to encapsulate the whole of the districts landscape; we live in a fantastic, beautiful area with towns and villages and saxon churches, bluebell woods and rolling hills, we have rivers and lakes, valleys and castles, breathtaking sunsets – we want you to paint that, all of that”
Me – “In one picture?”
Nick “No – we want four pictures

From my Blog post all about my big project