Encounters- an Exhibition by Hala Sabat

As we flow through life, we observe, interact, feel and reflect on everything we encounter. These encounters inspire and enrich our being. People, cars, nature and even architecture enhances our senses and develops an inspiration that stays with us eternally.

“Encounters” is an exhibition of Hala’s latest Paintings produced during 2020 reflecting on her different exposures and experiences prior to the lockdown. They explore the contrast between the social interactions and explorations  we escapade versus the serenity and quietness experienced whilst in self isolation.

The exhibition is in the Arcade gallery and runs from 20th January to 19th February. It holds 40 paintings inspired by people in the streets of Cairo as well as Nubian architecture which is a village south of Egypt. 

Some of Hala’s paintings will also be exhibited in The Egypt international Art Fair from 12-14 February

You can see more of Hala’s work here

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