Did you enjoy the Snowdogs-by-the-sea in 2016?


I thoroughly enjoyed painting the “Brighton Mod Dog” for the Snowdogs event in 2016 but it did have some logistical issues, mainly the size. There are several more opportunities to take part in more events around the country this year which I have looked into, but one that appeals is the GoGoHares which is taking place in 2018 in Norwich and the surrounding countryside on behalf of Break. For me the size is manageable, I like the shapes and potential and its in aid of a childrens charity.

To find out more about GoGoHares please visit their website. For more information about these type of events then take a look at the Wild In Art website.

Being involved in this project means that if you are successful and are picked to complete a Hare, then you will be involved in probably the largest tourism destination event in 2018, giving you great exposure, as well as it being a very rewarding project knowing you are helping a charity make money for their funds.

Are you an artist and you want the chance of creating a GoGoHares sculpture?

You will need to download a submission pack and notes from the GoGoHares website

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