Jeanne Argent will be presenting her sculptures at Shoreham Art Gallery in March 2019

Jeanne Argent studied drawing and painting with a foundation course at Hastings School of Art at age 16. Textiles, embroidery and collage were her main interests. She started making sculpture in 1981, studying modelling, carving and mould making with the late Trevor Collis in Guildford. In 1994 she was one of the founder-members of the Surrey Sculpture Society and was Chairman of the society between 1999 and 2002. She exhibits with them in exhibitions throughout the southern counties and takes part in Brighton Open Studios in May each year.

Jeanne says:

“Most of my work is based on botanic subjects. The plant kingdom is a rich source of intriguing shapes and colours which surprise and delight the eye. I use plants as a starting point for drawings and small maquettes which I enlarge and alter to create three dimensional sculptures. Some of these are large enough to site in the landscape. I usually model in clay or plaster, depending on the structure of the work and then make flexible moulds and cast limited editions. I prefer to use natural materials such as cement for the final casts and I like to incorporate colour in my work.”


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