David J Lilly

Gragen Bach

David is colour-blind from birth. Born into a time and place where colour-blindness was considered a limiting factor, David was consciously discouraged at school from taking up an artistic career.

David’s most lasting memory of being exposed to mind-boggling art (as a teenager) was Coventry Cathedral; and it was from there that his love of coloured glass began.

At the turn of the 21st century David found himself with free time and went on a stained- glass course. This lead on to five years of fun and gaining recognition for his skills; now eighteen years on he has for the last 12 years run a successful stained-glass business with clients in the UK, Sweden, Australia, USA and France.

David has now turned his attention to Dalle de Verre glass as a research project as he is the UK’s only it specialist and consults on it’s conservation and restoration throughout the UK. Next year he has been invited to take part in an exhibition about the life of the pre-rapha- elite Edward Burne-Jones and create a Dalle de Verre piece in response to that brief.

David’s current creative work is focused around fold-forming copper sheet. David came across this technique in 2014 and had not until earlier this year had the time to begin investigating its possibilities. One of David’s biggest influencers is nature, and is taking inspiration from the remains of prehistoric sea creatures that can be found in the strata off the Sussex coast of England where he is based. David has begun creating a range of sculptures emulating those ideas and is also enjoying trialling organic patinas on each piece as a form of aged degradation.

David also intends to begin designing and making jewellery incorporating semi-precious stones with copper using the very same techniques that he is using in the sculptural work.

Commissions undertaken: Yes
Website Address: https://davidjlilly.com/
Phone Number: +44 7796 141180
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