Penny Mechen

‘Nightwatch’ watercolour

Creating a 2D image of a 3D subject can be frustrating and torturous as often as it is satisfying and joyous, but what I love about it is that it is always totally absorbing. You will see from my work that I enjoy different subject matter as well as different mediums and styles. I find that different mediums suit different subjects, and switching between all these things keeps the work spontaneous and fresh-for me as well as, I hope, for those viewing it.
I am passionate about researching different processes, and am always excited to try something new so that my work continues to expand and evolve. What you won’t find is a ‘one style/colour fits all’ predictability. This may mean you won’t love every picture…but you won’t be bored either!
I have exhibited in The Montague Gallery in Worthing and open houses, as well as shops and cafés. I have also completed several portrait, seascape and still life commissions for public and private display or  gifts.
My email address is and you can follow me on Instagram as pennybythesea, where you will see new pictures as they are completed, as well as finding me on Facebook.

Commissions undertaken: Yes
Website Address:
Phone Number: 07944843799
  • Watercolour
  • Nude in ink and acrylic
  • Pastel
  • ‘Mountain Stream’ acrylic
  • ‘Chair’ pastel
  • ‘The Start of Day’ watercolour
  • ‘Remember’ acrylic
  • ‘Harbour Gold’ acrylic
  • Seascape commission
  • Working on a commission
  • ‘Devil’s Dyke II’ acrylic and pastel
  • Still life watercolour
  • ‘Bad Hare Day’ mixed media
  • Pastel
  • ‘Harbour Nights’ acrylic
  • ‘Poppy Field’ acrylic
  • ‘Sunlit Glade’ acrylic
  • ‘Red Earth’ acrylic
  • Nude in inks
  • ‘Waking Dream’ abstract acrylic
  • ‘Redbreast’ watercolour
  • ‘Mother’ pastel
  • Commission watercolour
  • ‘Venice Nights’ watercolour
  • ‘The Outing’ acrylicon canvas
  • ‘Devil’s Dyke’ watercolour
  • ‘The Mirror’ pastel
  • ‘Peachy’ pastel
  • ‘Sunset Over Pier’  watercolour
  • ‘Dry Stone Wall’ watercolour
  • ‘Enigmatic’ pastel
  • ‘The Foreman’ pastel
  • ‘Glimpse’ pastel
  • ‘Pride’ watercolour
  • ‘Entangled’ watercolour
  • ‘Crow’ watercolour
  • ‘A Peek at the Sun’ watercolour
  • Acrylic commission
  • Close up of a section of acrylic seascape
  • Pastel
  • Watercolour Robin
  • Pastel
  • Pastel with model. Tom in drag
  • ‘Bank Holiday’ acrylic on canvas. Ltd. ed. Print
  • ‘Dad’s Hat’ commission in watercolour
  • Pastel
  • ‘Tilly Sits Still’ pastel