Tom Gillham

Worthing Beach

Painting is my way of expressing feelings about places, people and personal thoughts that are difficult to put in words.
I am fascinated by the human story, our diversity, journeys and dreams. Spontaneous mark-making releases images from my subconscious and imagination, creating semi-abstracts with atmospheres populated by fragments of memory or universal myths.
I enjoy drawing from life and creating reflections of landscapes, illuminated by light, impressions of scenes within the physical world. I studied Masters of Fine Art from the University of Brighton, make time to create and find peace in my Sussex garden studio.

Commissions undertaken: Yes
Phone Number: 07963073103
  • Not A Mused - Arcylic on Board (16 pieces, each 25x25cm)
  • Portrait #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 75x100cm
  • Pier #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 100x75cm
  • Poppy #2 - June 2018 - Paint, Print & Mixed Media 75x100cm