Paul Baker

Christmas Decorations at Standen House Oil 40 cms. x40 cms.

I am happiest when I am in the country by a lake or river or knocking about in a small harbour with old fishing boats.      Having been painting for some twenty five years I have  taken inspiration from the many books that I have acquired very often about the impressionists, landscapes, seascapes or still life.       In my working life I was a production engineer making small parts for many industries so my mind tends towards the figurative side of art, I don’t even pretend to understand abstract art.        I like to present my work as beautifully as I can and enjoy still life subjects in all of it’s different ways.

Commissions undertaken: No
Phone Number: 07496284841
  • Church Cottage Burpham Pastel 34 cms. x 23 cms.
  • Primroses Oil 40 cms. x 25cms.
  • Red and Yellow Peppers Oil
  • Jug Pineapple and Mango Oil 40 cms. x40 cms