Steve Mason (ArtBySteve)

Steve Mason (ArtBySteve)

I have always been tempted to turn ideas into paintings. Following convention I haven’t always taken that path. For years I have been producing paintings that I thought I should produce. Paintings that were traditional and realistic. Now into my second year of a BA (hons) Fine Art degree, I am letting rip. Not just painting but experimenting with sculpture and photography, seeing things, not just in my mind, but seeing things in the environment. Trying different things in different mediums to present my ideas.

“Art is the rendering of an idea… the giving of form, of shape, of body to the idea. The important part of the creation is to have the idea. While doing the art, you are in a sense a slave to the idea. The next creation starts when the actual work is completed… the next idea… the next drawing.” Norman Laliberte

Not all ideas succeed, but all enjoyable, and as Dilbert say’s “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


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