Gill Dixon

Summer Garden;  fold

Originally trained as a Stage Designer, for many years I worked in costume design and production for the two London opera houses. Recently I have been creating paintings, embroideries and textile based pieces in response to my immediate environment; the river Adur in all its changing moods, the tidal ebb and flow under the looming presence of the South Downs and even the  sun-baked streets of Shoreham.

Most recently I have been  working in acrylics making paintings and drawings inspired by my local area.

Commissions undertaken: Yes
  • Flood; acrylic on canvas
  • Downs View; acrylic on board
  • Small Downs  fold; detail
  • Downs ;  fold,  stitch detail
  • Winter  Downland; fold
  • Autumn Hedgerow; stitch detail
  • Autumn Hedgerow;   stitch detail
  • Sketchbook Page  ; Autumn Hedgerow
  • Sketchbook Page ; Autumn Hedgerow
  • Sketchbook Page ; Summer Garden
  • Sketchbook page; Summer Garden
  • Summer Garden fold; zinnias
  • Summer Garden fold
  • embroidery detail; Summer Garden