Maddie Zayeet

Maddie Zayeet

Well-known for my quirky film-making, currently my focus has turned (back) to installations, theatre, sculpture, assemblages and papier-mache.

Art is how I tend to engage in political expression, connect with nature and explore pattern and chaos. I’m thinking a lot about thought and consciousness, fields and particles, feminism and mycorrhizal networks.

I collaborate with other older lesbian eco-feminists in a theatre group we call Keep Earth Company and am a founding member (1998) of The Dyke Modern art collective which runs workshops and events locally.

You can have a look at some of my films on my Youtube channel: Maddie Zayeet

07881 647247
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  • listen to mother earth
  • look up
  • rising of the women is the rising of us all
  • you will know us by our love
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