Stained Glass, Fused glass, Copperfoil and Glass Applique


I have loved stained glass ever since I first saw the John Piper window in Coventry Cathedral in the 60s. The interaction of light with the colour and texture of glass astonished me so, when I came across a further education class which taught the principles of traditional stained glass, I signed up immediately. That was more than twenty years ago , and I have worked with glass ever since, supplementing the initial class with a further two years learning the techniques of painting on glass and also some warm glass techniques using a kiln.

Stained Glass
I work with leaded stained glass and have completed many commissions for windows, door panels, fanlights and produced several stand alone panels for exhibitions. I am happy to discuss the possibility of a commission in any of these areas.

Fused and slumped Glass

I make smaller items in fused glass – such as mobiles, coasters, small bowls and names.  The names have proved very popular as christening or birthday presents.  They can be made to be hung or to fit in a wooden stand.  They could also be made as mobiles.


Smaller decorative panels can be made in copper foil.  The edge of each piece of glass is wrapped in a copper foil strip and the pieces soldered together .  It is most familiar from the work of Louis Tiffany in his windows or lampshades.

Applique glass

A technique similar to mosaic in which coloured glass is stuck to a clear backing and grouted.

Each technique produces a different result but they all demonstrate the wonderful and ever-changing effect of the interplay of light, colour and texture which first enthralled me.  Examples of my work are shown in the images on this page.  I also exhibit from time to time in Montague Gallery in Worthing.

Please contact me by phone or email if you are interesting in finding out more, or would like to discuss a commission.

Commissions undertaken:
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07962 234212