Eco Lighting


I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2000 with a BA in 3-Dimensional Craft, where I experimented with techniques for recycling plastic. My work then was using mainly colourful plastic (from milk bottle tops) fused with fruit and vegetable nettings, and I won the university’s Innovation Award for the process. I later became interested in the delicacy of the actual milk bottles and started fusing them with lace and net curtains.

The shades are made from fragments of lace fused with recycled milk bottle plastic. Each shade is therefore unique. The HDPE from the milk bottle shades the bulb well, diffusing the light and giving a clean, gentle glow - illuminating the intricacy of the lace. I currently make shades with table/ standard lamps, as pendants, wall lights or to commission.

I completed my MA in Sustainable Design at The University of Brighton in 2011 and have since had 2 children. I am just starting to make lamps again now and thoroughly enjoying it once more.

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