Marcus Finch BA is a self employed multi-media artist and tutor.  He teaches 5 "open media" daytime classes and an evening life class each week.

His aim is to provide as much one to one teaching as possible in a session to encourage aspiring artists and enable them to develop an individual style. He is also well known across Sussex for inspiring Demonstrations and Workshops at Art Society meetings, and for exhibiting with both the "Adur Art Collective" and the Worthing "Open Houses".

His "back catalogue" of works are extremely broad in genre, including "realist" paintings of landscape, maritime and aviation subjects with originals and archival digital prints proving popular. These subjects feature regularly when demonstrating techniques which include mixed media.

Under the "chameleon" like "artist tutor", there is an inner core.

Experimentation with acrylics, mixed media and oil pastels produce more fluid and atmospheric works with a recurring theme of Chanctonbury Ring and upland landscape. The rugged coastlines of North Cornwall, Devon and Pembrokeshire in Wales provide further reference.

These works have an immediacy which provides a link with the 2d and 3d forms of Marcus’s "Raku" ceramics.

These represent his personal response to the landscape and the effects of the atmosphere upon it. He explores forms and images with materials that are of the landscape and delights in the spontaneity of the work.

Find current information on Facebook at "Marcus Finch BA".

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01903 531004