Fine Artist Specialist in printmaking


She is fascinated by marks that are made from real objects, especially nature and plants. Peon uses Collagraph to depict her botanical prints and landscape, where she escapes from her day to day roles. Her early walks in the South Downs inspire her work. The changing colours of the sky entice her, she finds herself and her sanity. The dynamic yet soothing colour allude to the organic materials depicted in her prints, and they have an intricate, elegance and somehow minimalistic feelings.

Peon’s recent series of prints “Silent” is a new set of monotype prints, depicting woodland. The expressive roller marks give an impression of the trees growing from the ethereal landscape. The emphasis of this series is about conveying the mood and atmosphere of how she feels within these environment.

Peon has a Fine Art degree and she has been short listed for Sussex Artists 2010. Printmaking found her at her second year, she loves process and steps; from making the plate to inking and printing. Every wipe makes a mark, and marks fascinate her. “Everything leaves a mark in this world, visible or not, it remains and exists.” 

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