Peon is a local printmaker and she uses everyday object or scenery to tell a story. She loves walking at the South Downs and the woodland, her recent work depicted the landscape where she escapes from her day to day roles and where she finds balance in her life and gain strength for her inner-self. 

Printmaking found her at her second year of her Fine Art degree. She loves process and steps; there is a set format to follow and she just loses herself when printing and wiping the plates. She loves the smell of ink and its creamy texture: the way it moves. She also loves all kinds of paper; thick and thin, and she likes touching the surfaces and the rugged edges. Printmaking is very “hands on”, she builds a relationship with her work by touching it. Every wipe makes a mark, and marks fascinating her. “Everything leave a mark in this world, visible or not, it remain exist and sometime it is in people’s heart.”

Commissions undertaken: