Acrylics, Oils, Pen and Ink, Watercolour


My work as an artist falls within the mediums of paint and drawing. I am an emotional artist and all of my work is from an emotional experience. I like to romanticise my work and create work to be pleasing to the eye. However I do touch upon Surrealism when an event has created a change within my emotional state which compels myself to capture this within art.

Working within the boundaries of Realism I flourish and my creative mind likes to explore the world around us, photography is a key stepping stone in my art practice and my connection with the camera is my version of a sketch book. I reflect on the imagery that I have taken in life's journey, mostly captured within the spare of a moment experience. This allows me to focus on a particular image or several images that I take further on into my creative process. Often the emotion of the day when painting or drawing filters into my work subconsciously, and is realised on completion of the emotional state I was in. Figurative painting and drawing are my main focus. However through the journey of events a memory will also latch onto my surrounds or objects which will compel me to want to add them to my creative journey. An emotional language that we externalised as people also intrigues me and how we react to others or things that we touch, taste, hear, or smell. Connecting an emotive resemblance within my work is also of interest.

Realism and Photorealism are my areas of interest. They both overwhelm me, I want to know more, I can find myself lost within the art itself. The technical skill involved, in not all, but like the works of Chuck Close are what draws my interest, mind blowing. I find myself in awe of the skill to create such master pieces. Tim Eitel, like myself is an emotional artist whom touches on Surrealism within his work. His painting process is much like my own, where he uses his camera as the bases of his work like a sketch book. Collecting images but not having just one image that is his finalised piece but a collection of images to aid his creative process. Both artists are very influential to my practise.

Commissions undertaken: