Drawing Painting Sculpture stone-pictures


After leaving school i went to Worthing Art College from there i went to Newport Art College in South Wales where i studied Graphics/Illustration which i really loved. Our teaching was based on really looking and seeing in order to be able to draw really well.   I loved the process of Litho while i was there and although this was difficult to pursue when not at college i have done a course of this taught by a friend at North Star Studios in Brighton. At that time i was doing a lot of pen and ink drawings and lino cuts usually based on natural forms.   At the moment I'm using anything that comes to hand - pastels, oil pastels, acrylics and over the last few years have discovered Sculpture. But don't for one minute think massive marble or chiselling huge chunks of wood - Teresa Martin's classes are more magic and alchemy as we explore such a variety of substances in different combinations that have such amazing effects on each other. I take part in the bi-annual Adur Art Collective Open Houses which will be happening next in 2018. Come and see my pictures!

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