Important Nothings


For 2021 Steve is working on a collection of  mixed media paintings and that focus on everyday items and surroundings that involves him personally. Important nothings.

It is a collection of bold and colourful modern artworks, a visual diary that makes the mundane and unremarkable both remarkable and interesting.

Working mainly from photographs, the artworks are painted in acrylics with the bold black outlines that have become a feature of the artist’s work, and in some artworks have a photo, taken from the original photo, embedded in the painting.

The photos, mainly taken on a mobile phone, are used as a reference point and elements are often omitted but seldom added. Angles of the environment and objects are as observed in the photos and are designed to add a new interesting dimension to the picture.

All the paintings are created on wooden boards and include the handmade and hand painted wooden frames.

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