I enjoy the challenge of making new solid forms from various powdered and liquid substances, both natural and man made. This is achieved by my adaptation of the casting process. The materials have a fresh existence and a new structure.

There is a strong sense of game playing in this process. I set certain rules but much is left to chance and rapid decisions are needed to guide the emergence of the eventual piece. I working both with and against Nature.

The rhythmic manipulation of clay in differing states often has a part in this. The consistency is affected by the passing of time and application can become a performance- frantic, fiddly and fatalistic.

The Elements have a continuing part in the appearance of the work. I'’m conducting the effects of the weather to influence new creations. I often manipulate positive and negative texture deep into the shapes I have fabricated, creating a new form without and textural spaces within.

These forms can have an expansive effect in that they can change the sense of our environment especially when encountered in the landscape. The more intimate spaces within draw you closer with an innate sense of curiosity to investigate further inside.

See my website to know when and where these and other commissioned (often more figurative) works will be exhibited in some challenging public spaces and beautiful gardens this year.

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