Droplet Cluster Pendant

Amy makes translucent porcelain lighting from her home studio by the sea with her westie, Dexter, at her feet. As well as being beautifully white and pure porcelain is translucent so the light shines through it when it is very thin. Amy works with this special property of porcelain to make tiles and lights in very thin clay such that when it is fired the ceramic becomes translucent in the light. Studio visits by appointment.

The Picnic

Christine uses ceramic wall and floor tiles, often vintage or recycled discontinued tiles, to create modern and contemporary panels and framed pieces for interiors and gardens. Her commissions have included interpreting children’s drawings for playground mosaics. Christine studied Textile Design at Birmingham College of Art & Design and has recently returned to painting large decorative acrylic and mixed media canvasses. Her inspiration is colour and texture to form inter…

Hilary Stirling

I am a potter working in high-fired stoneware. My ceramic work is organic and reflects the shapes and textures of the beaches and Downs of Sussex. I make dishes and bowls but my preference is for landscape and seascape plaques which depict scenes of Sussex. I fire to 12.60 degrees centigrade and make all my own glazes using wood ash to which I add re-cycled glass. My clay is a blend of local Sussex clay which give the body a rustic, organic finish. I give talks across East an…

Lucy Gabriel

Your favourite shoe hand made in clay, to love and cherish forever. Your childs first shoe , a ballet shoe , tap shoe, a favourite old raver trainer , or even a marathon trainer ! Your wedding shoe , or whichever shoe you absolutely love the most . It is my passion to make any shoe , or boot for you to love and keep for your pleasure . Please contact me on 07713847867

Marcus Finch

Marcus Finch BA is a self employed multi-media artist and tutor.  He teaches 5 “open media” daytime classes and an evening life class each week. His aim is to provide as much one to one teaching as possible in a session to encourage aspiring artists and enable them to develop an individual style. He is also well known across Sussex for inspiring Demonstrations and Workshops at Art Society meetings, and for exhibiting with both the “Adur Art Collective” and the Worthing “Open…

Mervyn Wallis

My most recent work is in stained glass and I am combining my interest in digital media with silk screen printing sand blasting.I begin by selecting a series of images and then with Photoshop adjust tonality contrast etc and convert them into half tone images which can then be transferred to silk screen and printed onto glass.In addition I can use the screens to produce images which can be sand blasted onto the glass.

Naomi Frances

I make sculptural glass landscapes and beach scenes using a collage of found items from the local beaches and semi-precious stones. I aim to make my glass work and my images as textural as possible, combining the physical world with the imagined. Since the subjects of my work tend to live outside, I have been making some larger scale pieces for the garden. I create my illustrations on found papers, like old books and train tickets. I like to work on weathered surfaces, like w…

Rob Mair

I work with different types of clay ranging from porcelain, to clays with course textures. I favour hand building with a preference for slabwork. I make up my own slips and glazes and employ different surface techniques depending on the type of clay used in the construction of the piece.

Sharon Kent

I am a potter and work from my garden studio on Shoreham Beach. Locally I’m known as Beach Pottery. I love working with all types of clay, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. I make functional objects, pottery that can be used every day. Currently I’m making plates, bowls, mugs and dishes but I’m also making porcelain candle holders.

Shoreham Art Gallery

WHO IS SHOWING IN THE GALLERY AT THE MOMENT Our guest artist for June 2021 is Rebecca Rowland-Chandler – fused glass Read more about Rebecca and this exhibition on our website: https://www.shorehamgallery.co.uk/guest-artists/#rebecca Little BIG Art: “Boatilicious” – Phil Driver’s boat-themed solo exhibition runs throughout June 2021 Find out more about Phil and his work in the short interview we conducted with him: https://www.shorehamgallery.co.uk/news/#phil Opening Hours: M…

Terry Griffin

I’ve been working with clay for most of my life and still get surprised by its possibilities. More recently I’ve also been exploring the potential of ink and water. Having recently moved to Shoreham Beach I have found my surroundings and specifically my early morning Tai chi practice by the sea are influencing my work.

Wendy Standen

I retired from primary teaching in 2002, having always been in charge of Art and Design in the various schools in which I taught. I had great opportunities to learn skills across the wide range of arty crafty subjects (everything from pottery to lino cuts from woodwork to embroidery!) On retirement I finally had the energy to explore and develop my own interests. Initially I went to life drawing and sculpture classes, loving creating the human form in clay and stone and this…