Limited Edition Prints

Penny Mechen
Acrylic Watercolour Pastel Charcoal Mixed Media Ink
Sarah Duffield
Landscape, oil paintings in my own, particular style; colourful, bold, slightly abstracted and just a little bit psychedelic in places.
It used to worry me that people wouldn’t “get” the way I painted but I’ve come to realise that for every ten people who don’t get or like my work there is one person who loves it.

I use the term “Marmite art” to describe these works, you either love them or your hate them. I hope you love them like I do. x

All of my paintings are available as fine art giclee prints
Kim Adele Fuller
Contemporary watercolour & mixed media paintings.
Seacapes, landscapes, coastal and abstract.

Limited edition giclee prints & cards.

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