Stained Glass

Stained glass door panel (commission)

I have loved stained glass ever since I first saw the John Piper window in Coventry Cathedral in the 60s. The interaction of light with the colour and texture of glass astonished me so, when I came across a further education class which taught the principles of traditional stained glass, I signed up immediately. That was more than twenty years ago , and I have worked with glass ever since, supplementing the initial class with a further two years learning the techniques of pai…

Mervyn Wallis

My most recent work is in stained glass and I am combining my interest in digital media with silk screen printing sand blasting.I begin by selecting a series of images and then with Photoshop adjust tonality contrast etc and convert them into half tone images which can then be transferred to silk screen and printed onto glass.In addition I can use the screens to produce images which can be sand blasted onto the glass.

Naomi Frances

I make sculptural glass landscapes and beach scenes using a collage of found items from the local beaches and semi-precious stones. I aim to make my glass work and my images as textural as possible, combining the physical world with the imagined. Since the subjects of my work tend to live outside, I have been making some larger scale pieces for the garden. I create my illustrations on found papers, like old books and train tickets. I like to work on weathered surfaces, like w…