Mike Cheetham – Shoreham Galleries January guest artist.

Mike Cheetham

Mike is a young 80 years old and lives, in Hurstpierpoint.
He painted in a variety of media as well as sculpting for more than 25 years before focusing on sculpture after attending a short course with Helen-Mary Skelton at Streat. Her late father was the well-known professional sculptor John Skelton.

Mike has been producing a collection of sculptures at the Skelton Studios’ as well as in his own workshop. Initially his sculptures were figurative but abstracts followed, inspired by artists such as Barbara Hepworth. Mike likes to choose unusual shapes and varieties of stone to work with, he enjoys letting his abstract forms “emerge” from the stone rather than planning his sculptures, the results are beautiful, individual pieces of work.

Other than open studios in Hurstpierpoint and Ditchling the exhibition at the Shoreham Gallery will be Mikes second, we are excited to welcome him as our visiting artist in January.

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