Phil Driver – Solo Oil Paintings Exhibition During June 2021

Phil Driver
We asked Phil a bit about himself and hid solo show from 1st June in the Little Big Art Exhibition at Shoreham Art Gallery. Here’s what Phil had to tell us:

Tell us what your solo show is about?
I will display mostly boats paintings.

How do you refer to yourself – as an artist, creative or something else?
As an artist because I feel I’m an artist at heart.

How will viewers of your show benefit from the experience? What do you wish them to take away from the experience?
I just hope viewers will like what they see and be able to understand the meaning I’m trying to convey in my paintings.

What do you create?
Oil paintings for pleasure.

What is personal to you about what you create?
My subject matter over the last few months has been about a trip to Dungeness beach last September.

Did you ever work in a different creative medium?
I did wood carving for a few years and moved on to sculpture but always drawing alongside and then became more and more interested in painting, especially oil painting.

Do you find inspiration from the world around you?
My inspiration comes from sunlight and shadows and the patterns this creates so for me there is inspiration all around: the garden, the beach and photos I’ve taken from various trips.

What other artists inspire you and why do they give you inspiration?
The Impressionists initially, then the American painters E. Hopper and A. Wyeth. I find them intriguing especially Andrew Wyeth. I think he is a great painter along with his subject matter and method of using egg tempera which seems incredibly difficult to me but his results are a wonder.

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