Photo Editing – Rotate, Crop and Resize

Crop, Rotate, Resize

One of the things that I have learnt since becoming involved with the aAc website is the difficulty many artists have in submitting images of a suitable size and format for uploading to websites. On a personal level I have always used Photoshop, which is invaluable for printing purposes, but is a bit heavyweight for the images that I want to upload for websites, not to mention the cost and learning curve. Sometimes all I needed to do was crop the image, rotate if neccesary, and resize, and also to save as a suitable size and format. To this end I adapted a piece of software called Pixie which I use and I have now made it available online here. Clicking on this link will open the application in a new window.

Below is a short video outlining the process on how to crop, rotate and resize any images for uploading to any websites. The application currently contains only the basic tools for image manipulation but further additions are planned.

Pixie is avalable here..

Video is best viewed in full screen mode.

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