Selling your Art Work – Part 1 – Setting up your Shop

Artists Shop Dashboard

Artists Dashboard
Artists Dashboard

Each member of adurArtcollective has their own shop which requires some basic setting up to use.

The first step is to go to “Settings” and start filling in the details of the shop.

In the first tab Store the only required field is the store name which can be anything you like but must be unique. If you fill in the other details, phone, email, address etc, these will be displayed in your shop so be careful what you enter. First rule of any website – only give the minimum amount of information neccessary to website visitors – do they really need to know your home address? On the other hand if you have a shop or open house then maybe this would be good information to give out. Entering your seller info is a good idea as buyers are interested in who they are buying from. This can be as short or as long as you like and could be taken from your listing details.

The next tab Payment is most important. Your PayPal address. This is the email address you login to your PayPal account and without this you won’t get paid. Each shop is a seperate entity. When an item is purchased the buyer is taken to PayPal to make payment. At this point they will see that 90% of the payment goes to you and 10% to aAc. Without your PayPal details the transaction will fail. Once the transaction goes through you will see the details on the opening page of the Artists Shop Dashboard. You need a PayPal account to use the shop so if you do not have an account you will need to set one up here…..PayPal

Now to personalise your shop. Branding allows you to upload your own store header rather than the aAc banner. The dimensions of 1200 × 400 pixels works well and a low resolution is preferable to ensure the page loads quickly. You can also add a icon to the header. This takes the form of a circular overlay which could contain a photo of you. Buyers do like to know who they are engaging with.

Next comes Shipping. The default for all shops is £5.00 for national and £10.00 for international shipping and is per item. You can overide the default by putting in your own rates here. You can decide wether it applies to each item or each transaction. There is also the facility to change these settings per product which I will cover in Part 2 – Adding Products. It is also important to add your shipping policy and return policy here. Buyers expect to see these policies so please ensure that you display them.

Social. Adding your social media links will add these to your shop display. However these are links away from your shop so may not be advisable unless it supports your shop.

Your shop is now set up ready to start adding products. If you have any questions or need any help on setting up your shop then please do not hesitate to contact me.






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