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“The not so Famous five” – an exhibition featuring three of our talented aAc members

An exhibition by five, sussex, women artists, all working in different media to express their reactions and emotional connections to the countryside and people with whom they live.

Katherine Lawrie, Silver smith – I work mainly in Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver Gilt. I predominantly use textures and forms found in the natural surroundings of the South Downs. I incorporate precious and semi-precious gems and beads into my work, as I love colour. For more information about Katherine and to see more of her inspirational silver creations  – Adur Art Collective listing …

Sarah Duffield, Fine art, Painter – My art is my way of responding to the environment around me. I use my love of colour and it’s expressive nature to paint my emotional connection to a landscape rather than creating a photographic representation. I do not re create precisely and I do not paint accurately; I move fields, add or remove trees and always, always ignore pylons. To find out more about Sarah and her unique and exciting works then please click here – Adur Art Collective listing …

Jo Anna Rawlings, Felt artist – I enjoy re creating the animals you would see in and around Sussex (sometimes I go further afield creating animals you might find at the poles) Every piece I create is individual and just like a person would have each of my animals has it’s own personality, quirks and name.  You can see more of Jo Anna’s fascinating pieces and to find out more about her here – Adur Art Collective listing …

Polly Finch, Papercut artist – I create beautiful, unique pieces of work from paper “like an intricate piece of lace” Themes are explored repeatedly but no two pieces of work are the same, each original one-off tells its own, magical story. I see each piece in my mind’s eye as narrative told with one image the final interpretation though is always up to the viewer.

Emma Bird, Wire artist – My work celebrates the beauty of creation, the people and animals that I see around me, as well as the interaction between them. Wire gives me the freedom to draw in the air as well as create incredibly delicate sculptures. I work with my hands, pliers and cutters alone to create my pieces: valuing the purity of this process and avoiding the temptation to solder or glue wires together, so that I produce truly handcrafted work.

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