Update to the Discussion Forum

To make the discussion forum more user friendly we have decided to remove it and replace with a members Blog / News facility similar to the News section that our visitors see. The only difference is that members content is only accessible to the members and only viewable once you have logged in.

To make content available to other members when submitting your own posts please select Members from the categories. You can either submit to members only, members and other categories which is viewable by members only, or other categories, excluding members, which will be viewable by the general public.

What you can’t do. You cannot use the social media buttons to share the content with Facebook, Twitter etc. when logged in as a member as this content is only viewable from within the website. We will be looking into removing the buttons from the members section to avoid any confusion in due course.

If you have any questions, suggestions or recommendations then please use the comment form below.

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