The Adur Art Collective is an informal group of artists based in and around Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex. We are artists at all stages of career development, and our artists offer a diverse range of disciplines and practices. Learn more about our artists below. We welcome new artist members at all stages of their career; if you are interested in joining us please click on the button below to find out more.

Artwork by Annie Alexander.

Annie Alexander

Annie has been making and creating for many years and has become a bit obsessed with hand stitching since giving up paid work a few years ago. She is inspired by Indian and Japanese stitching techniques, in particular kantha and sashiko, which she uses, along with collage and printing to create wall hung works. She also repairs and/or embellishes clothing using a range of visible mending techniques. Most of the materials she uses are ‘found’ on the beach, in charity shops or gifted by friends – she tries not to use anything new. She is happy to take commissions.

Artist Judy Alexander holds an artwork in her hands.

Judy Alexander

Painting/ Mixed Media/ Textiles

Judy studied art all her life even though her profession was as a rehab consultant specialising in brain injury. In the late 90’s she studied textiles culminating in a 5 year diploma courses in art and design and advanced machine embroidery. She often incorporates textile with her paintings. She is an active member of art groups in both the UK and Canada and regularly exhibits in both countries. Recently, Judy has been enjoying adding cold wax with oils, encaustics, acrylics and textiles. She paints at her studio in Brighton and Vancouver, Canada where she and her husband divide their time.

Artwork by Scilla Allen.

Scilla Allen

Drawing/ Painting/ Sculpture

Scilla went from Worthing Art College to Newport Art College, which really placed an emphasis on learning to draw as a basis for your artwork. She’s inspired by anything and everything around her, but is particularly inspired by nature, both alive and dead. She also loves an interesting face!

Contact: 01273462557

Painting by artist Samantha Jane Anderson.

Samantha Jane Anderson

Mixed Media/ Painting/ Printmaking

Sam is a visual artist primarily working with paint, mixed-media and printing techniques. Her work responds instinctively to her inner narratives of grief, joy, isolation and healing. These primal instincts lead to a more complex reading through the work that unfolds within a layering of materials onto a substrate using acrylics and mixed media. The making of the work finds a rooted connection to emotional layers residing as shadows that have been neglected and are now nurtured to find expression and acceptance. Turning to a philosophy of the feminine, She has found female archetypes in the trinity; “she” speaks of wisdom and self-acknowledgment, bringing light to the darkness. The conclusion is a body of work with colour at the core of its expression. These colours are interwoven through a palette of emotions; blue may be interpreted as calm and green as healing, the heart, life and growth.

Painting by artist Laurie Avadis.

Laurie Avadis

Chalk Pastel/ Oil Pastel/ Watercolour/ Mixed Media

Laurie works with oil and chalk pastels, watercolours, charcoal, pencils and mixed media. He paints on paper and also on the pages of ruined French books. For Laurie, art is a constant discovery. His subjects will present problems, clues, wrong turns and undiscovered beauty. He uses his fingers, paint brushes and rags to paint, blot, change and imagine. Painting is like a snapshot of a beach, making marks in sand which are covered and changed and worn away. He paints in his studios in Felpham overlooking the sea and in a farmhouse in the Loire Valley. He sketches when he travels and when he returns. To Laurie, each new environment is an undiscovered terrain to be reimagined and translated into art. All of the work on Laurie’s website is for sale, and he exhibits widely in Sussex and the neighbouring counties.

Contact: 07720 440831


Artwork by Elaine Bellamy.

Elaine Bellamy


Elaine creates mosaics from china ornaments and crockery, which she finds in car boot sales, charity shops and antique shops. Sometimes Elaine uses family heirloom crockery when making a piece for a family member. The pieces vary in size and complexity. Elaine is happy to take commissions, although all the designs are individual and depend on what she finds on her travels. However, any favourite elements you have can be included.

Contact: 07905 417470

Artwork by Chrissie Berridge.

Chrissie Berridge

Photography/ Mixed Media/ Printmaking

Expert at making dolls’ house miniatures, sewing clothes, creating props for theatrical productions, and dabbling in interior design, Chrissie’s creative abilities currently find their strongest outlet in the digital manipulation of photographs. Favoured subjects for her camera lens are urban degeneration, and the mannequin figure. She overlays and blends her photographs to create new, striking images. She is the author of two project books, Making Miniatures, and Victorian Dolls’ House Projects. She wrote, designed and self-published The Sussex Surrealist, a comprehensive biography of her late father, the artist B S Huntbach (1935 – 2006). The book is a showcase for his surrealist, figurative paintings, and complex pen and ink drawings.Her most recent artistic focus is aimed at producing a series of printed media. As well as working with her own photographic images, she is also analysing her father’s artwork, re-imagining and presenting it for a new audience in an easily accessible format.

Contact:07880 807684

Artwork by Mathilde Blum.

Mathilde Blum


Mathilde makes hand-built ceramics from her home-studio in Shoreham-by-Sea. Coiling, pinching and burnishing, she makes one-off sculptures, pots and vessels for plants and flowers and likes the slow process of hand-building. Mathilde uses slips and oxides, creating lines and markings by polishing the unfired clay to create texture and movement. She fires her ceramics to stoneware and also likes alternative firing methods like Raku and wood-firing.

Contact 07986 575240

Painting by artist Karen Bravery

Karen Bravery

Mixed Media

Karen is a mixed-media artist who creates semi-abstract landscapes. Her paintings are inspired by her love of walking over hills and by the sea. She works from sketches, photographs, memories of places and her imagination to create a landscape. She builds her work in layers, responding to marks made as her work evolves. She likes to combine drawn and painted marks and enjoys experimenting with different mark-making techniques


Fusion artwork by artist Sarah Jane Bridgland.

Sarah Jane Bridgland

Glass Fusion

Sarah is a glass fusion artist inspired by the natural world. She makes suncatchers, birds, bowls and dishes, spoon rests, incense burners, jewellery, and has recently started making large pictures. Sarah works with System 96 and loves the way that the light shines through the translucent colours and the tactile nature of glass. Everything is cut by hand and so each piece of work is unique. Sarah’s studio is at the bottom of her garden in Sompting. She is a member of Shoreham Gallery and has successfully exhibited in West Dean College and in the juried Worthing Museum and Gallery’s Open 21 and Open 23.

Print by artist Steve Carroll.

Steve Carroll

Painting/ Printmaking

Steve has three styles which he associates with Freud’s tripartate view of the human psyche:
His digital prints are the super-ego – the face he shows the world, a jolly old chap.
His oil paintings are the ego – his own visual response to the world around him using colour and texture.
His drypoint prints are the id – his darker inner life which he hides from people to be polite.
Artwork by Susanna Chaplin.

Susanna Chaplin

Print/ Etchings/ Mono Prints

Susanna Chaplin currently makes prints – mostly etchings and mono prints. Sometimes she dyes the background paper to make the colours sing. She has a BA hons degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Falmouth College of Art. As a member of the Wick Theatre Company in Southwick, she paints the sets for five productions a year – and makes her own paintings too. Formerly, when living in Lewes, Susanna was a willow basketmaker for many years, having been taught by a local blind basketmaker, Mr Lambeth of Worthing.

Contact: 07516 400303


Artwork by Sue Collins.

Sue Collins

Print/ Textiles

Sue’s textile designs have been sold to international companies including IKEA. Her work appeared on the BBC Drama series ‘Cuffs’ which was filmed in and around Brighton and Shoreham, whilst she was a member of the Shoreham Art Gallery. Her ‘Downs View’ work was shortlisted for the Artist & Illustrators Artist of the Year 2018 Award at the Mall Galleries. Her linocut work is usually created in a limited edition on acid free paper using good quality printing inks. Each work is titled, signed and numbered by Sue. There may be some variation in colour between the images due to the hand printing process. No two prints are the same therefore making each unique. Sue’s mixed media work is often a combination of print, collage and paints. She works with linocut papers, painting papers, acrylics and watercolours. The work can be on canvas, board or paper. She also runs a beginners linocut workshop in Hassocks.

Contact: 07756 420794

Glasswork by Sally Croucher.

Sally Croucher

Ceramics/ Glass

Sally trained in ceramics and is now exploring the delights of fused and kiln formed glass. Developing new sculptural and practical forms mainly influenced by the beautiful, endless possibilities of colour and light.

Sculpture by artist Jo Delafons.

Jo Delafons

Mixed Media Sculpture

Jo Delafons’ delicate mixed media sculptures capture the essence of the distinctive landscape around Shoreham by Sea, where she lives. Her works echo with birds’ cries, the crunch of pebbles and the jumble of half thoughts, feelings and memories walking triggers. Paper pulp and wire capture foaming waves, frosted stems and silhouettes that float and hover as though drawn with the scratchy line of a leaky ink pen. Tangled branches and dark mudbanks dissolve into ripples or scatter like birds.  Ships teeter, roll or sail serenely through life’s turbulence. The intense emotional connection she feels to the landscape is clear, but so too is our own and nature’s frailty.

Contact: 07947 881887


A landscape painting by artist Aylin Dengizer-Sharp

Aylin Dengizer-Sharp


Aylin has a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art. She has been painting professionally for around 25 years. Aylin lived abroad for some years throughout the 1990s as a practising artist, painting marine subjects, street scenes and nature. She works mainly in oils and acrylics using sketches and camera as her reference materials to capture the essence of a scene. Aylin’s source of inspiration is normally her travels in the United Kingdom and abroad, where she covers marine subjects, street scenes, and landscapes. In this exhibition, Aylin focuses on nature represented as a precious part of our lives, and some of these paintings include figures as part of the scene.   She is interested in the effects of light and shadow captured in oils. “Painting is the heart and soul for me.”

Contact: 07927 628189


Artwork by Gill Dixon.

Gill Dixon

Collage/ Painting/ Textiles 

Originally trained in Design for the Theatre, Gill Dixon worked in costume production for the two London opera houses for many years.  Her textile work reflects this with a strong dramatic sense,  trying to capture that feeling of anticipation when the curtain goes up at the start of the show. Her recent work, 2D and 3D, currently explores ageing through the female experience, using theatrical ‘stock’ characters and demonised female archetypes to investigate the experience.


Painting by Krysia Drury

Krysia Drury

Painting/ Printmaking

Krysia Drury is a painter and printmaker. Her work focuses on images of people and places often involving tracts of water – the ocean, rivers, lakes, swimming pools. She is experienced in the use of oils, acrylics and watercolour. Her training at Camberwell College of Art gave her a thorough grounding in working from life – nudes, interiors, still life, landscapes and the opportunity to study the history of art.

Contact: 07866 919965


Poortrait of Linda at Ecooctopus.

Lynda EcoOctopus

Eco Conscious Jewellery/ Textiles
Welcome to EcoOctopus, home of eco conscious jewellery and recycled textiles. Materials include copper stripped from waste electrical cables, home grown flowers, recycled silver, sea glass, old tin cans and vintage fabrics.
Artwork by Becky Edmunds.

Becky Edmunds

Textiles/ Video

Becky’s practice has spanned choreography, video, and textiles. She is currently interested in archives and makes works that use pre-existing materials to create new connections. In video, she will use old footage to create complex choreographies of imagery. In textiles she uses embroidery to embellish old table linens, handkerchiefs, and photographs, adding her own mark-making to what is already there.

Arwork by Angela Edwards.

Angela Edwards (Town Quay Studios)


Town Quay Studios is a studio gallery space on the River Adur in Shoreham by Sea. The resident artist is contemporary painter Angela Edwards, who works in oil paint and charcoal on paper. The studio is also home to Fine Art Framers a bespoke framing service. During the summer Angela will be demonstrating charcoal drawing techniques and running classes overlooking the river.




Painting by artist Susan Evans.

Susan Evans

Painting/ Oil on Canvas

Susan Evans is inspired by horizons and the mysteries of distance, skies and cloud patterns. Using cloths, she thinly stains wide-open areas of canvas and then applies a combination of wet-on-wet, impasto brushwork, and sometimes a palette knife. The variety of techniques reflects the complexity of the subject matter. Susan lives and works in Sussex, on the south coast of England.  She has had solo shows in London, the Netherlands and the USA and has participated in many group exhibitions. She also shows at art fairs in England and abroad. She is represented in the permanent collections of Exeter College Oxford, Peterborough Museum, Abbott Mead Vickers, Old Mutual, and Live Wire in California.  She is also recognised in the National Catalogue collection.

Contact: 07792 081140


Painting by John Farmelo.

John Farmelo

Oil Painting/ Screen Printing/ Textiles/ Watercolour Painting

John Farmelo is a painter and printmaker who has worked with many media in his career as a picture maker and teacher of painting on textiles. Over the last decade, he has focused mainly on oil painting and screen printing. He loves the way that picture making encourages him to look at the beauty to be found in the commonplace of the world around him and is constantly working to better communicate what he sees to others.

Artwork by Sarah Fer.

Sarah Fer

Painting/ Mixed Media/ Printing/ Ceramics

After a background studying at the Royal College of Art and working as a teacher and textile designer Sarah, became a visual effects artist in the film industry. Since moving to Shoreham and living near the river and the beach Sarah has worked mainly in paint, mixed media and pen and ink to respond to the landscape and seascape of the south coast. The estuary of the Adur serves as a metaphor for the flow of life encountering obstacles in its path. When the tide retreats magical islands are revealed  and found beach stones have images of creatures embedded in them (mimetoliths.) Wading birds are another important element, as are smaller natural items such as seaweed and ray egg cases. Her love of travel provides an extra source of inspiration for her artwork.


Drawing by Julia Ann Field

Julia Ann Field

Painting/ Drawing

Julia’s landscapes and figurative works are inspired by the beauty all around us, and she hopes that her art reflects the enormous pleasure which she derives in creating it. Her paintings and drawings can be seen on the Houseboat Verda in the Adur Art Trail; on permanent display in Patcham Community Centre, where she is a resident artist alongside other members of Patcham Arts; online; and in various local exhibitions and art fayres. Julia does affordable commissions, recent examples of which can be viewed on her website; she finds realising someone else’s vision especially exciting and rewarding.

Contact: 07884 192673


Artwork by Deborah Fleming.

Deborah Fleming

Mixed Media/ Painting

For the last few years I have been exploring mixed media using various techniques. I include recycled objects, building up layers with lots of texture and colour. Often a piece expresses a feeling and explores how we look at life. Most pieces are for hanging, along with key holders, notebook covers, pen holders and other practical items.
Contact: 07922921374

Painting by artist Em Fry.

Em Fry

Drawing/ Painting

Em has spent most of her life living between the sea and the South Downs in Sussex, close to the vibrant city of Brighton, where she spent her teenage years enjoying the ‘alternative’ scene of the 1980s. From there, she studied Art and Dance at the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, where she found inspiration from the Expressionists of the early 20th century, who influenced both her art and choreography. After leaving college she trained as a primary teacher, preferring to teach in the Early Years for over 30 years and only recently has she returned to art. Now, through drawing and painting, Em seeks to share her responses to nature and the people around her, still using the vibrancy of colour and form from the Expressionists she has always loved but also the purity of thought and process observed in the young children she taught.

Contact: 07865 398331


Painting by artist Kim Adele Fuller

Kim Adele Fuller


Kim paints seascapes, landscapes, coastal and abstract themes. She is inspired by the ever-changing nature of the sea and the sky and reflects this in herpaintings. Kim particularly enjoys the dramatic, yet transient effects of atmosphere and light and liberating feeling of the space and tranquility of the shoreline. She works primarily in watercolour as it has a translucency and vibrancy hard to match in any other medium, but she does enjoy experimenting with new styles, mediums and techniques. Kim’s paintings are built of layers of colour and texture to capture the light, energy and mood of the moment. Kim produces limited edition giclee prints and cards from her original paintings also.

Painting of Shoreham Art Gallery

Shoreham Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Our friendly gallery is run by a collective of twenty local Sussex Artists & Makers, with monthly guest artists and special events. We also have a unique sculpture garden and a working artist’s studio. Many gallery members are members of the Adur Art Collective, too, and their work will be on show in the gallery and sculpture garden every day during the Adur Art trial. Paintings, prints, sculpture, glass, turned wood, photography, mosaics, textiles, jewellery, ceramics and more. Open seven days a week.

Artwork by Katie Gander.

Katie Gander

Mixed Media/ Printmaker

Katie is a mixed media artist and printmaker. Having run community arts projects and achieving an MA in Inclusive Arts Practice Katie now has time to focus on her own art practice and distinctive monoprints, monotypes and collages. Katie has lived in Adur for over 20 years and her relationship with the environment is an intrinsic part of her creative explorations. Trees have always held a special place in Katie’s heart and are a perennial inspiration, observing them through the seasons and reflecting on their changing shapes and colours is a theme in many of her artworks.


An abstract painting by artist Sophie Harwood

Sophie Garwood

Mixed Media

Sophie, drawing inspiration from vibrant landscapes and beach vistas near her studio, experiments with mediums on various canvases. Recently, the richness of colors in seascapes and skies has become a focal point, infusing her work with vibrancy and expressiveness. Reflecting on personal experiences and surroundings, Sophie’s art captures the essence of beauty and emotion through bold hues and dynamic compositions.


Paintng by artist Ann Gearing

Ann Gearing


Anne Gearing is a self-taught artist who loves to paint outdoors during summer in the countryside and on the shoreline. She loves scenes that show the play of light and shade which is sometimes a challenge in Sussex! Old holiday photos taken in Italy and Cyprus have provided Anne with inspiration too. She normally uses acrylic paint but also experiments with watercolour and oils.


Artwork by Sharon Gibson.

Sharon Gibson


Sharon works locally on Shoreham Beach in her home studio pottery called Beach Pottery.
She works predominantly in stoneware clay but is also keen on using porcelain for more delicate items. All of her work is utilitarian, she very rarely makes anything that doesn’t have a purpose. Her inspiration is drawn from her surroundings and she will often use seaweed and shells as tools.

Contact: 07957203907

Church St Mary de Haura.

Gillian Goldsmith

The contact for the Art Exhibitions at St Mary de Haura


Artwork by Jen Green.

Jen Green

Linocuts/ Collagraphs/ Paintings

Sussex artist Jen Green makes linocut and collagraph prints, and also produces watercolours, pastels and woodcarvings. She is based in the beautiful South Downs village of Fulking. Her prints are inspired by the natural world, and many feature Sussex scenes and wildlife. Jen has been making linocuts for years, but collagraph prints are a relatively new addition. Her prints come in small limited editions, and no two are exactly alike.
Contact: 01273 857552

Paintinh by Lisa Green.

Lisa Green


Lisa paints her land and seascapes around the Sussex coastline where she lives. The movement of weather rolling in across the sky and sea, changing the light and atmosphere of a place, is fascinating and holds an emotional charge in its beauty. Lisa has worked to try and describe this in her paintings. Now living along the estuary in Shoreham, Lisa works from her pontoon studio next to her houseboat home. Her work is available for purchase.


Artwork by Terry Griffin.

Terry Griffin

Ceramics/ Drawing

Terry has worked with clay most of her life, she would say that for her it goes deeper than any other way of working, even if the resulting  piece appears simple. For this year’s art trail she will be showing hand built pots and seascapes using various stoneware clays. She might  also play around with porcelain fragments. Since moving to Shoreham in 2017, Terry has become very interested in painting with oils and cold wax, a method used in medieval times allowing for  delicate subtlety of texture and colour. Terry’s paintings a re responses to living on Shoreham Beach, where she loves to practise her Tai Chi on the water’s edge.

Pastel artwork by artist Tim Gwyther.

Tim Gwyther

Painting/ Mixed Media

Random visual encounters and chance combinations often form starting points for Tim’s work. Pathways and markers that delineate the landscape: places named in a different age now dislocated from their origins: stolen meanings and associations with ancient sites and artefacts. He doesn’t usually begin with an idea, but just sets out on a procedure, and keep a critical eye on where it leads. Drawing lies at the heart of his practice. Simple tools and unimpeded techniques provide him with the most direct means of visualising an idea. For him, drawing is the most marvellous, elaborate, and complex way of making up his mind. Much of his work originates in Cornwall, where he is represented by the Riverbank Gallery in Newlyn.

Artwork by Gillian Hills.

Gillian Hills

Painting/ Printing/ Textiles/ Collage/ Mosaic

Gill experiments in a variety of mediums. Her work is mostly figurative, and her inspiration is the natural world. Most recently, she has been playing with textiles, making collages and working with experimental weaving using recycled fabrics and yarns.

Artwork by Trisha Keith

Trisha Keith

Painting/ Mixed Media

Trisha is an expressive artist who works with paint and mixed media from her home on Shoreham Beach. Using primarily watercolour, she produces colourful, organic paintings which capture the imagination and uplift the senses. Her work is inspired by the natural world, often featuring landscapes, with a particular fondness for trees, foliage and water. Trisha’s paintings are an emotional response to places she loves and are a cathartic process for her in managing her pain and illness, focusing instead on the beauty surrounding her. She expresses this deep love of immersion in nature through the use of intensified colours and textures in an impressionist style. She hopes her paintings will inspire others dealing with difficulties to find solace in nature and creativity.

Contact: 07583 357223


Artwork by David King.

David King

Drawing/ Mixed Media/ Painting

The main focus of David’s work is the human face and figure. He uses a range of media but mostly employs charcoal, conte crayon, pastel and oil paint. David is fascinated by the effects of light and colour. His influences are largely from the Realist tradition and his approach is based on observation and the endeavour to depict the presence of the subject. David lives on Shoreham Beach and holds a diploma in Fine Art from MET Northbrook College. He has exhibited work across East and West Sussex and London.
Contact: 07548110080

Jewellery by artist Jo Kirby.

Jo Kirby

Recycled Silver and Gemstone Jewellery

Jo is a local artist, making jewellery from her workshop in Shoreham. She uses recycled silver and various precious and semi-precious gemstones, inspired by nature and poetry. She also makes eclectic stained glass. She sells her work at maker’s markets, open houses, and a small artist’s collective in a beach hut on Worthing seafront.

Sculpture by aritst Mike Lainchbury

Mike Lainchbury


Michael is a self taught ceramic artist, inspired by his love for the natural landscape, and lifelong fascination with the physics of fire. He uses stoneware clay to handbuild his work. After the initial firing in an electric kiln he uses various ancient methods to finish the pieces. During this process the heart of the flame is captured on the surface of the clay, a moment caught in time. The oxides and carbonisation scatter random markings across the form. The unpredictable nature of this process has been his passion and obsession for many years. Michael is constantly experimenting to find new ways of using this interplay of fire, smoke and clay.

Artwork by Delia Lindon-Spence.

Delia Lindon-Spence

Painting/ Collage/ Cards/ Giclee Prints

Delia has had a passion for painting since early childhood. The natural world and her great love of music are her main inspiration and motivation, and she expresses this through colour, movement, shape and layout and enjoys the sheer physicality involved. Her work ranges from figurative to abstract. Shirley Trevenna RA, awarded Delia the prize for the most innovative use of colour in AAC’s summer exhibition Shirley said, “I greatly admire the work of Howard Hodgkin and Delia’s painting is a small example of creating the same sense of vibrancy and storytelling.Delia worked professionally in Ballet, Drama and Opera and continues to coach singers/actors as well as painting most days.

Contact: 07599 267130


Artwork by Hattie Lockhart-Smith

Hattie Lockhart-Smith

Acrylic Paint Hand-Printed Collage

Hattie is a mixed media artist primarily working in acrylic paint and handprinted collage papers to create mixed media abstracts inspired by everyday objects or the beautiful Sussex countryside. Working from her own photographs, Hattie breaks images down to simple line drawings, building them back up using multiple layers of paint and print focusing on the relationship between colour, shape, pattern and texture.


Artwork by Seana Mallen.

Seana Mallen

Painting/ Printmaking

Originally from California, Seana Mallen is a talented painter and printmaker who is delighted to have a studio on the banks of the river Adur. She is inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the river, the big sky, the sea and the surrounding countryside. She creates stunning pieces that capture the essence of the area’s natural beauty. Her paintings are not a photographic representation of a particular place, but an invitation to wander in the landscape and your own imagination and memory.
Seana is also an enthusiastic and experienced painting teacher. She offers classes and workshops for artists of all levels, sharing her skills and knowledge to help others develop their creativity and find joy in the process of making art. She has exhibited work internationally, at the Royal Academy and in open studios and local exhibitions.She is also member of the Sussex Watercolour Society. Through her art and her teaching, Seana Mallen continues to inspire others to connect with the natural world and find beauty in the everyday.

Artwork by Abby Martin

Abby Martin


Abby’s work is inspired by the natural environment and described as manmade nature or fake nature. Resin and fibre-glass and a variety of metal finishes are used to create the majority of my work. This makes them suitable for both indoors and out. The resin makes them lighter whilst retaining durability. I am available to cast other people’s work. Abby is open to commissions, including larger projects.
Contact: 07944 607795

Sculpture by artist Teresa Martin

Teresa Martin


Teresa has been a sculptor since 1979 and tutor since 1986, but has always been an avid maker: from Plasticine + Lego to clay, cast stone and metal resins. Local public and private commissions have emerged from the shed of this sculptor, Shoreham-born + bred. Complex and experimental forms also appear periodically, with some in-house team work, casting projects with daughter Abby Martin. Both are fascinated by organic structures and texture. Rhythmic processes dictate Teresa’s forms at times. Most sculptures are suitable for all weathers and constructed in all weathers. Exhibiting in many beautiful gardens around the South of England: in 2024- Leonardslee, Savill, Ramster, Claremont Hall, Shoreham Art Gallery +  Ropetackle Arts Centre slipway feature by the River Adur.

Contact: 01273 462409

Artwork by Louise McLoughlin

Louise McLoughlin

Painting/ Drawing

Mainly self-taught, Louise has returned to art after building a career in sales and marketing. Now based close to the river Adur between Shoreham and Henfield, Louise enjoys capturing the landscape of Sussex and the coastline of Cornwall and Devon where she grew up. Working from a studio at the bottom of her garden overlooking the beautiful South Downs, she experiments in painting in oils and acrylic as well as continuing her love of drawing through charcoal and pencil. Portraiture remains an area of learning and growth using the puzzle of the human face to develop skills in representation and painting. When not working or painting, Louise loves walking and exploring the West Sussex landscape along the Adur, the South Downs and the coast to gather lots of art inspiration!

Artwork by Candy Medusa.

Candy Medusa

Illustration/ Collage Assemblage/ Upcycling

Candy Medusa is an artist, illustrator, marine biologist and loudmouth, constantly confused as to why artists’ statements are supposed to be in the third person. She draws much of her inspiration from nature, is passionate about the environment, and mostly makes art between midnight and 4am when the kids are asleep. Candy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, including with the Royal Society of Marine Artists at Mall Galleries, London, and with Creative Action Network in America and Bahrain. Candy has illustrated books, albums for bands including Deep Purple, and posters for environmental organisations such as National Parks Conservation Association and Global Zero. Candy is also founder of the eXXhibition project, raising awareness of plastic pollution, organising beach cleans, and upcycling beach litter into art. Candy has been resident artist aboard two science vessels, sailing the Caribbean and Pacific, conducting outreach and research into marine plastic pollution.


Print by Karolyn Mnich

Karolyn Mnich

Printmaking/ Mixed Media/ Painting

Karolyn is a printmaker illustrator inspired by the landscape wildlife and activities along the river, coast and downs around Shoreham-by-Sea. She has been commissioned for a wide range of purposes from cover designs, greeting cards, puzzles and textile items, to way finding monoliths and murals. Throughout the year Karolyn’s colourful linocuts, mixed media prints and paintings can be seen at Shoreham Art Gallery. Karolyn is also an experienced printmaking tutor who runs practical workshops for small groups.

Digital artwork by Lois Pawson.

Lois Pawson

Illustration/ Printmaking/ Digital Design/ Animation

Lois’ art practice is inspired by storytelling and the connections between the ancient and modern worlds.  She specialises in illustration, printmaking, animation, digital and graphic design; and creates projects for audiences of all ages, using a mix of digital and analogue methods – including silverpoint drawing, drypoint printmaking, and oil painting combined with coldwax.   Her digital design and animation work is created using Adobe Cloud and Procreate software, and other creative design and stop-motion packages.  Her recent shows include the Art Workers Guild London, Skyway Gallery Shoreham, Adam’s Gallery Reigate, The Depot Lewes, The Regency Town House Hove, and St Peter’s House Brighton.  Her professional memberships include; Association of Illustrators,  Illustration Educators, Arts Marketing Association and Association of MBA’s.  Qualifications include MA Illustration & Sequential Design (University of Brighton 2022) and MBA Business Administration (University of Sussex 2002).

Artwork by Jane Pinder.

Jane Pinder

Handmade Contemporary Silver & Mixed Media Jewellery

A collection of contemporary silver and mixed media jewellery  designed and handmade by Jane Pinder, inspired from the varied fauna and flora, organic texture and natural landscapes of the Sussex Coast. Her work involves a synergy of creative ideas and techniques and incorporates both precious and non-precious materials. Jane works from her workshop in Worthing, using traditional and non-traditional silversmithing techniques.  She enjoys experimenting with other techniques and materials in her jewellery and has developed a range of etched and more sculpturally formed pieces. Her passion project has been using sea pottery and found objects incorporated into silver and recently she has been using enamel in experimental ways. Jane exhibits her work at local art trails, galleries, craft fairs and artisan markets. She was at East Beach Studios, in Worthing for six years and currently exhibits at the Montague gallery in Worthing.

Contact: 07881 701500


Artwork by Hayley Richards.

Hayley Richards

Jewellery/ Mixed Media

Hayley is inspired by the beautiful naturally moulted feathers from her owls to make dreamcatchers, hanging Tree of Life creations and hand-painted horseshoes. Her work encompasses her love of all animals, nature and all things spiritual.

Contact: 07737 229904

Sculpture by Hala Sabet.

Hala Sabet

Sculpture/ Painting/ Ceramics

Influenced by her Egyptian roots and cultural background, Hala Sabet has always been fascinated by Geo-metry (measurement of earth), its origins and how it develops an infinite array of possibilities and structures. Her work explores the simplicity of geometry and the complexity of organic nature examining how one can stretch their boundaries to make sculptural structures and paintings that abstract representational reference. Her latest work has focused on the integration of the opposites such as chance/order, stability/precariousness, geometric/organic in an attempt to bring this clash of antonyms into harmony. She adopts an interdisciplinary approach that would include drawing, painting, wood, clay and other media in an attempt to transcend all art media boundaries.  Hala Sabet has a BA (First Class Honours) in Fine Art and Masters in Fine Art (with Distinction). She has exhibited in various galleries and venues across the United Kingdom and overseas

Contact: 07414 878689


Artwork by Kathy Serinturk.

Kathy Serinturk


Kathy Serinturk is a mosaic artist who makes 2D pieces, 3D tables and mosaic mirrors. Kathy also takes commissions. At present she is working on a series of mosaic angels.

Contact: 07917760866

Artwork by Valerie Shepherd.

Valerie Shepherd

Painting/ Ceramic Sculpture/ Printing

Valerie Shepherd is a painter, ceramic sculptor and print maker. Valerie’s original ideas sometimes change direction and sometimes come back full circle. The idea may be simplified or elaborated. It is the journey, not the arrival, that is important. Her inspiration comes from natural forms and structures, ancient forms, archaeology and travel. Her love of colour as a painter can be carried through to her ceramic work by the use of raku and stoneware glazes. Valerie finds it fascinating that Ceramic Art is the art of Primeval Elements: made from the Earth with Water, Air and Fire.


A lit pendant ceramic lampshade by artist Amy Frankie Smith.

Amy Frankie Smith

Porcelain Lighting and Painting

Amy makes porcelain lighting and watercolour paintings from her beach studio. Taking inspiration directly from the ocean, Amy aims to convey her experiences of the water: the light, the energy, the reflection, the colours of the water and momentary glimpses whilst swimming. Amy works expressively and intuitively, and her work in paint directly informs into her work in clay. Amy’s lamps are refined and delicate, with the same energy and fluidity as the works on paper.


Artwork by Katie Sollohub.

Katie Sollohub

Drawing/ Painting

Katie Sollohub is a Sussex based artist who is interested in documenting and recording the places she lives and works in through drawings, paintings, performance, photography and poetry. In 2014 she was awarded an Arts Council grant to fund her year long residence at JMW Turner’s House in Twickenham. ‘Being a part of this historic project has been a great privilege and an inspiration for me. It has allowed me to really develop my relationship to place and architecture, as I have been invited to create work in other venues of historic importance, including Pope’s Grotto and Normansfield Theatre’. Work from these projects has been shown in Twickenham at the Stables Gallery, Orleans House, Richmond.(Eternal Sunshine – showing new work from Strawberry Hill House as well as a residency in Tuscany). She has also exhibited in Winchester City Gallery and Candida Stevens Gallery Chichester.

Contact: 07905 244623


Sculpture by artist Lesley Stepney.

Lesley Stepney


Lesley’s work is often inspired by an emotion, a figurative gesture or patterns found in nature. Styles and materials can be changeable as she freely adapts to what inspires her at the time. Recently, Lesley has designed and sculpted in cloth or wool, making figures/characters, sometimes with surroundings created to give them a sculptural platform. In addition, Lesley also works in clay and then makes a mould to reproduce the sculpture in other materials. If the piece is for outside use, Lesley will use bronze, marble, iron, or slate resin. 

Contact: 07775 852806

Artwork by Tina Stiles-O'Brien

Tina Stiles-O’Brien


Tina took up painting after retiring from a career in marketing and public relations, promoting fashion and the arts in London and Sussex. She has lived in Brighton for 47 years and exhibits her work in exhibitions and galleries throughout Sussex. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylic, gouache, pastel and oil. Her style is ‘graphic’ and she’s particularly fond of the style of the 1920s/30s. She has a penchant for cats, oil portraits and buildings that mean something to her. Tina is currently the Trustee: Visual Arts, for Brighton & Hove Arts Council and a committee member of the Dupont Art club. Much of her time is spent organising art exhibitions in the area.
Contact: 01273 326570

Artwork by Hilary Stirling.

Hilary Stirling


Hilary Stirling is a potter working in high-fired stoneware. Her ceramic work is organic and reflects the shapes and textures of the beaches and Downs of Sussex. Hilary makes dishes and bowls but her preference is for landscape and seascape plaques which depict scenes of Sussex. She fires to 12.60 degrees centigrade and makes her own glazes using wood ash and recycled glass. Her clay is a blend of local Sussex clay which gives the body a rustic, organic finish. Hilary gives talks across East and West Sussex about the influence and inspiration of her work as well as talks about New Zealand ceramics and iconic potters such as Josiah Wedgwood. Hilary now also makes watercolour paintings, mostly flowers and landscapes which reflect her interest in Asian art and Chinese watercolours.

Contact: 01273 461346,

Artwork by Cyan Sweetman.

Cyan Sweetman

Painting/ Papercraft/ Drawing/ Illustration/ Mixed Media

Cyan has lived in Shoreham all her life and enjoys spending many happy hours on the beach. Her artwork is inspired by the natural world. She loves to make painted papercraft houseplants, incorporating her beach-combing finds as pots, hanging planters and shelves. There is often a 3D element to her work, with each leaf being carefully cut out by hand to create a realistic effect. Cyan finds the process very therapeutic although it can be time-consuming, and a steady hand is required. She also likes working with Alcohol Markers and Fine Liner pens, enjoying the way the colours can be built up and blended. This process has been used for her collection of bird and plant illustrations.


Artwork by Jo Taswell.

Jo Taswell

Painting/ Printmaking

Jo is an abstract painter who, after completing a foundation in Art & Design in 1987/88, has returned to Northbrook College as a mature BA Fine Art Student. Jo’s work embraces the Japanese aesthetic concept ‘Wabi-Sabi’ that centres on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. She is especially interested in light, space and colour in the landscape and uses a variety of techniques to build up layers in her work. Jo opens her house on Shoreham beach during the Adur Art Trail and her work has recently been chosen as the official artwork for Worthing Festival 2024.

Contact: 07956 440213


Artwork by Miranda Vincent.

Miranda Vincent

As well as painting, Miranda makes hand-built ceramics from her home-studio in Shoreham-by-Sea. Making coil and slab constructed, painted and sgraffitoed sculpted pieces. 
Miranda constructs and paints animal, daemon, tooth, tusk and clawed creature candlesticks, tiger and mask plates, bowls, vases, octopus plant holders, fox and sunshine platters in bright glazed colours on terracotta and buff clay, using slips, oxides, underglazes, scratching and pattern printing on wet clay.
Inspired by the animals and plants in her garden and allotment and what lurks in the real and imagined world beyond.
Contact: 07403 232897
Artwork by Annie Watts.

Annie Watts

Painting/ Drawing/ Collage/ Mixed Media

Annie enjoys painting, drawing, collage and mixed media, experimenting with ideas and images. She began to paint more once she had retired and has exhibited locally for several years. She is currently doing a BA(Hons) in Fine Arts at Northbrook College, and is exploring this opportunity to create contemporary art.

Artwork by Roy Webb.

Roy Webb

Acrylic Painting

Roy is a self-taught artist specialising in acrylics. He produces accurate and very detailed subjective depictions of nature be they floral studies or landscapes. Occasionally he enters to world of exotic animals such as Elephants and Tigers. Based in Shoreham, he finds sources of inspiration from local scenes and landscapes of the South Downs and the shoreline. His photorealistic style utilises light sources to enhance and dramatise the objects or scenes. He was a finalist in an International Artist magazine featuring a Blue Iris from his own garden.
Contact: 07955 877037


Artwork by Karin Hay White.

Karin Hay White

Painting/ Drawing

Karin Hay White’s paintings and drawings have a textural aesthetic. Her latest work is drawings, she seems to continuously experiment and explore the meaning of drawing, repetition and use of lines has become recurring parts of her process. Some of her works are already held in private collections in the UK and all over the world.

Sculpture by Catherine Whiteoak.

Catherine Whiteoak

Assemblage Sculpture/ Drawing

Catherine Whiteoak is a multidisciplinary artist/designer with a background in Graphic and Digital Design. She moved to Shoreham-by-Sea in 2020 and completed an MA in Inclusive Arts Practice from the University of Brighton in 2021, both factors hugely influencing the development and direction of her practice. Inspired by her local environment and a modernist sculpture and design aesthetic, Cath creates assemblage sculptures, informed by the inherent shape and texture of the ‘objét trouve’, to produce compelling abstract-figurative pieces.


Artwork by Isla Willatt

Isla Willatt

Mixed Media Painting

Painting is the language Isla uses to express herself. As a creative activity, it is the most absorbing. Isla paints with acrylics mainly, using fingers, sticks and the fine edges of card to create instant results and texture.

Her topics vary depending on circumstances. Isla is inspired by colour, architecture and landscape and has recently been developing abstract images.

She has exhibited her work in various Open Houses throughout Brighton and taken part in The Open House exhibition at Worthing Art Gallery. She was on Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge. Isla also exhibits her work at Shoreham Gallery.

Contact: 07732 220170

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