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Our website address is:


When AaC collects any personal data from you, we store it carefully under strict safekeeping and confidentiality measures. We use technical and organisational security measures to protect it against misuse and any external data processing services we use must meet our security policies.

By disclosing your personal information to us via any of our websites, in person, by phone or in writing, you are giving us your consent to collect, store and process your personal information in the manner described in this policy. The information we hold will be accurate and up to date within our knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or your information, please contact:

How we use your data

We will keep information which identifies you only if you sign up to our mailing list, register as a member of The Adur Art Collective, as an Open House Venue or as an Open House Artist taking part in the Adur Art Trail, or if you work with AaC in a paid or voluntary capacity. Such personal information could include:

  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • IP (internet protocol) address

We process your personal information for:

  • administration of festivals/trails
  • keeping you informed of our festivals/trails
  • research and statistical analysis (collected anonymously)
  • communication about AaC’s activities

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email.

We do not share or sell your personal information for other organisations to use for their own purposes.

How long we retain your data

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are retained indefinitely. This is so we can recognise and approve any follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in a moderation queue.

For users that register on our website (if any), we also store the personal information they provide in their user profile. All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time (except they cannot change their username). Website administrators can also see and edit that information.

Our Newsletters

Our e-newsletters will give you news related to the Adur Arts Trail & Artists Open Houses and information we think will be of interest to you. We will not sell, rent or lease our newsletter subscription lists to any third parties. We may use code within our e-newsletter template to identify which messages you have opened and which links you have clicked on within it to better tailor any future communications.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time if you wish to have no further contact from AaC on any subject. We will remove your details from all subscription lists.

Your Debit and Credit Card Information

We do not store Debit or Credit Card details on our own servers.

We use WooCommerce & Stripe, Apple Pay or Google Pay to process online transactions. You can read the terms of service agreement and privacy policies:

Apple Pay Privacy Policy

Google Pay Privacy Policy

WooCommerce Privacy Policy

We collect information about you during the checkout process on our store.

Payments Apple Pay

Apple Pay is also designed to protect your personal information. Apple doesn’t store or have access to the original credit, debit, or prepaid card numbers that you use with Apple Pay. And when you use Apple Pay with credit, debit, or prepaid cards, Apple doesn’t retain any transaction information that can be tied back to you. Your transactions stay between you, the merchant or developer, and your bank or card issuer.

Information that is shared when you make a payment

When you begin a payment within an app, on the web, or within Apple Messages for Business using Apple Pay, to enable tax and shipping cost calculation your zip code, postal code, or other equivalent information is provided to the app, website, or merchant. After you authorize the payment, other information requested by the merchant, such as a device- or merchant-specific account number, your shipping address, or email address, is also provided. The card number from your credit, debit, or prepaid card is not provided when you use Apple Pay.

To help ensure that any recurring or other merchant-initiated charges like subscriptions are authorized by you, when you choose to provide eligible Apple Pay payment methods to participating merchants for recurring or merchant-initiated charges, your issuer and/or payment network will approve and generate a merchant-specific account number to be used for such charges. Only that merchant-specific account number can be used by a participating merchant to authorize transactions without you taking a specific action. Apple will know which merchants are associated with your merchant-specific account numbers, but not what you purchased or how much you paid for it. You can manage your merchant-specific account numbers in Wallet by tapping the card and tapping the More button to view card details.

For cards with certain enhanced fraud prevention, when you attempt an online or in-app transaction, your device will evaluate information about your Apple ID, device, and location if you have enabled Location Services for Wallet, in order to develop on-device fraud prevention assessments. The output of the on-device fraud prevention assessments, but not the underlying data, will be sent to Apple and combined with information Apple knows about your device and account to develop Apple Pay transaction fraud prevention assessments. These transaction fraud prevention assessments may be shared with your payment network, together with a shipping address identifier and IP address if available, in order to prevent fraud at the time of transaction. The shipping address identifier differs per payment network and may be used to confirm whether shipping addresses for different transactions using a particular card on your device are the same in a way that does not reveal the underlying address. You can check whether a card has this enhanced fraud prevention at any time by going to the back of your payment credential in Wallet. To prevent the sharing of fraud prevention assessments with your payment network, you can select another card.

What we collect and store

In order to securely transmit your payment information within apps, websites, and Business Chat, it is sent to Apple in encrypted form, where it is briefly decrypted and reencrypted with a merchant-specific key, so that only the merchant, the developer, or their payment processor can decrypt your payment information. When you make a payment on a Mac to which a card cannot be added, the Mac and the authorizing device communicate over an encrypted channel via Apple servers. Apple does not retain any of this information in a form that personally identifies you.

Apple retains anonymous transaction information, including the approximate purchase amount, app developer and app name, approximate date and time, and whether the transaction completed successfully. Apple uses this data to improve Apple Pay and other products and services. Apple also requires apps and websites in Safari that use Apple Pay to have a privacy policy that you can view which governs their use of your data.

Apple Pay order tracking

To provide you with order tracking, upon making an Apple Pay purchase, a participating merchant sends your device-limited order information for your device to use to track your order. And, Apple provides the merchant with a merchant-specific device identifier and a push token that the merchant can use to provide the device with order updates. Apple facilitates merchant updates, but does not store order information, nor track how many, how often, or which merchants send order updates. Order tracking information is stored locally on your devices and is kept up-to-date across devices by syncing an encrypted copy, which cannot be accessed by Apple. You can manage your Apple Pay orders at any time by tapping to view your Orders, tapping on a specific order, and tapping Manage Order. You can also manage notifications about Orders by going to Orders, tapping the More button, then tapping Mute Notifications.

When you sign out of your account, your device may still retain limited information about orders for which the device is getting updates. This information will not be visible to device users, will be retained for a short time, and used by your device only to help stop updates from being sent to the device after sign-out to prevent unauthorized access to your order information.

Please see the Apple Pay Privacy Policy and Apple Pay Security and Privacy Overview for more details.

Payments Google Pay

The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Google’s products and services. If you are a user under the age of 18, you can find additional resources in the Google Teen Privacy Guide. Google Payments is offered to Google Account holders, and your use of it is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. In addition, this Privacy Notice describes Google privacy practices that are specific to Google Payments.

Your use of Google Payments is governed by the Google Payments Terms of Service, which describes in more detail the Services covered by this Privacy Notice. Capitalised terms not defined in this Google Payments Privacy Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Google Payments Terms of Service.

The Google Payments Privacy Notice applies to Services offered by Google LLC or its wholly owned subsidiaries, including Google Payment Corp. (‘GPC’). Please consult the Google Payments Terms of Service made available to you within the Service to learn which subsidiary is offering the Service. For users (except those selling on a Google marketplace) based in the European Economic Area (excluding the UK), the data controller responsible for your information is Google Ireland Limited. For users (except those selling on a Google marketplace) based in the UK, the data controller responsible for your information is Google LLC. If you are based in the European Economic Area, excluding the UK, and are selling on a Google marketplace, the data controller responsible for your information is Google Payment Ireland Limited. If you are based in the UK and are selling on a Google marketplace, the data controller responsible for your information is Google Payment Limited. For users based in Brazil, the data controller responsible for your information is Google LLC and, to the extent required under Brazilian law, it may be Google Brasil Pagamentos Ltda.

Information we collect and store

In addition to the information listed in the Google Privacy Policy, we may also collect the following:

  • Registration information – When you sign up for Google Payments, you are creating a Google Payments Account that is associated with your Google Account. Depending on the Google Payments services that you use, in addition to the information listed in the Google Privacy Policy, you may be asked to provide the following information: credit or debit card number and card expiry date, bank account number and expiry date, address, phone number, date of birth, national insurance number or taxpayer identification number (or some other government-issued identification number), and for sellers or businesses specifically, your business category and certain information about your sales or transaction volume. In some cases, we may also ask you to send us additional information or to answer additional questions to help verify your information. Finally, if you register a Carrier or Operator Billing Account, we will ask you to provide us with certain information about your Carrier or Operator account.
  • Information obtained from third parties – We may obtain information about you from third parties, including third-party verification services. This includes information arising from Google Payments transactions at merchant locations, information regarding your use of payment methods and your accounts issued by third parties that are linked to Google Payments, the identity of your card issuer or financial institution, information regarding access to balances held in your Google Payments Account, information from a Carrier or Operator in connection with Carrier or Operator Billing, and consumer reports, as the term ‘consumer reports’ is defined by the US Fair Credit Reporting Act. Also, for sellers, we may obtain information about you and your business from a credit bureau or a business information service.
  • Transaction information – When you use Google Payments to conduct a transaction, we may collect information about the transaction, including the date, time and amount of the transaction, the merchant’s location and description, a description provided by the seller of the goods or services purchased, any photo that you choose to associate with the transaction, the names and email addresses of the seller and buyer (or sender and recipient), the type of payment method used, your description of the reason for the transaction and the offer associated with the transaction, if any.

How we use the information that we collect

In addition to the uses listed in the Google Privacy Policy, we use the information that you provide to us and to GPC or another of our subsidiaries, as well as information about you from third parties, in order to provide you with Google Payments for customer service purposes, and to prevent harm to the rights, property or safety of Google, our users or the public, including to help prevent fraud, phishing or other misconduct. Such information may also be used to assist third parties in the provision of products or services that you request from them. We also use the information to review your Google Payments Account to determine whether you continue to meet the terms of the account, to make decisions about your future Google Payments transactions and for other legitimate business needs related to the Google Payments transactions initiated by you.

Your registration information is stored in association with your Google Account, and your registration of a payment method will be stored on Google’s servers. In addition, certain data elements may also be stored on your mobile device. We may retain the information that you provide for extended periods of time for the purpose of complying with legal process and regulatory obligations.

Information that we share

We will only share your personal information with other companies or individuals outside of Google in the following circumstances:

  • As permitted under the Google Privacy Policy.
  • As necessary to process your transaction and maintain your account, including to provide security improvements and protect your account against fraud.
  • To complete your registration for a service provided by a third party.
  • To inform a third-party merchant, whose site or app you visit, whether you have a Google Payments Account that can be used for making payment through that merchant’s site or app.
  • With your card or other payment method’s issuer and payment network, as well as payment processors and other organisations working on their behalf, to ensure the security and validity of the payment method and transactions requested using it.

For example, when you make a purchase or transaction using Google Payments, we make certain personal information about you available to the company or individual that you purchase from or transact with. This includes sharing your personal information with the developer from whom you purchase when you use Google Payments to make a purchase on Google Play. It may also include sending a merchant website or app your ZIP code or postcode and information about your form of payment when you initiate a payment using a ‘Buy with Google Pay’ or similar button, so that the merchant can calculate updated purchase information (such as tax, delivery costs and other price information) and identify whether the merchant can accept that form of payment from you as well as benefits or restrictions for particular forms of payment for your purchase. When you add a third-party payment method to your Google Payments Account, we may exchange certain personal information about you, such as your name, profile image, email, IP and billing address, phone number, device info, location and Google Account activity info, with the third-party payment provider as necessary to provide the service.

When you visit a participating merchant site or app, the merchant can check whether you have a Google Payments Account with an eligible payment method that can be used to make a purchase through the merchant’s site or app, in order to reduce the likelihood that you will see unusable features on sites or apps.

Any information that you provide directly to a third-party merchant, website or application is not covered by this Privacy Notice. We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of merchants or other third parties with whom you choose to share your personal information directly. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any third party with whom you choose to share your personal information directly.

The information that we collect, including information obtained from third parties, is shared with our affiliates, meaning other companies owned and controlled by Google LLC. Our affiliates, which can be financial and non-financial entities, will use such information for their everyday business purposes.

We provide you with the right to opt out of certain sharing between GPC and its affiliates. Specifically, you may choose to opt out of:

  • Sharing between GPC and its affiliates of information about your creditworthiness for their everyday business purposes; and/or,
  • Our affiliates marketing their products or services to you based on your personal information that we collect and share with them. This information includes your account history with us.

You may also choose to opt out of Google LLC or its affiliates informing a third-party merchant, whose site or app you visit, whether you have a Google Payments Account that can be used for payment through that merchant’s site or app.

If you choose to opt out, your choice will be effective until you tell us to change your choice.

If you do not want us to share personal information about your creditworthiness between GPC and its affiliates, or if you do not want our affiliates to use your personal information collected by us and shared with them to market to you, or if you do not want Google LLC or its affiliates to inform a third-party merchant, whose site or app you visit, whether you have a Google Payments Account, please indicate your preference by logging in to your account, going to the Google Payments privacy settings page and updating your preferences.

We will not share your personal information with anyone outside of GPC or with our affiliates except as described in this Privacy Notice or the Google Privacy Policy. As explained above, Google Payments is a product offered to Google Account holders. Data that you provide to Google LLC for the purpose of signing up for a Google Account is not affected by the opt-out provisions in this Privacy Notice.

Information security

For more information about our security practices, please see the main Google Privacy Policy.

The security of your Google Payments Account depends on you keeping your account password(s), PINs and other access information for the Service confidential. If you share your account information with a third party, he or she will have access to your account and your personal information.

It is your responsibility to control access to your mobile device and the Google Payments application on your device, including keeping your password(s) and/or PIN confidential and not sharing it with anyone. It is also your responsibility to alert Google or the relevant partner if you believe that the security of the information in the Google Payments application has been compromised.

Payments WooCommerce

We collect information about you during the checkout process on our store.

What we collect and store

While you visit our site, we’ll track:

  • Products you’ve viewed: we’ll use this to, for example, show you products you’ve recently viewed
  • Location, IP address and browser type: we’ll use this for purposes like estimating taxes and shipping
  • Shipping address: we’ll ask you to enter this so we can, for instance, estimate shipping before you place an order, and send you the order!

We’ll also use cookies to keep track of basket contents while you’re browsing our site.

When you purchase from us, we’ll ask you to provide information including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit card/payment details and optional account information like username and password. We’ll use this information for purposes, such as, to:

  • Send you information about your account and order
  • Respond to your requests, including refunds and complaints
  • Process payments and prevent fraud
  • Set up your account for our store
  • Comply with any legal obligations we have, such as calculating taxes
  • Improve our store offerings
  • Send you marketing messages, if you choose to receive them

If you create an account, we will store your name, address, email and phone number, which will be used to populate the checkout for future orders.

We generally store information about you for as long as we need the information for the purposes for which we collect and use it, and we are not legally required to continue to keep it. For example, we will store order information for XXX years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name, email address and billing and shipping addresses.

We will also store comments or reviews, if you choose to leave them.

Who on our team has access

Members of our team have access to the information you provide us. For example, both Administrators and Shop Managers can access:

  • Order information like what was purchased, when it was purchased and where it should be sent, and
  • Customer information like your name, email address, and billing and shipping information.

Our team members have access to this information to help fulfill orders, process refunds and support you.

What we share with others

We share information with third parties who help us provide our orders and store services to you;

Information shared with a payment provider to process payments includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • City/State/Zip
  • Unique payment identifier
  • Payment provider identifier


We accept payments through Stripe. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to Stripe, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.

Please see the Stripe Privacy Policy for more details.

When you visit our website:


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from our web server to your browser. It is stored on your hard drive. A cookie cannot read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other websites, and will not damage your system. You can reset your browser to refuse cookies or alert you when a cookie is being sent. We do not use cookies to identify you.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies to track anonymous usage statistics, but we do not collect any personal information that can be used to identify you. This data helps us analyse web page usage and improve our website in order to tailor it to our audience needs.

Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got there and what you clicked on. Google Analytics sets cookies which will stay active for a number of years and identify on your computer that you have visited our website.

You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites you visit by installing a browser plugin at

If you want to find out more information about Google’s privacy policy then please click here:


The Adur Art Collective (AaC) understands the importance of upholding your privacy and safeguarding your personal data. We will use information about you only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and other relevant legislation and regulations.

Any questions or comments you have may be emailed to us at:

If you leave a comment on our site you may opt in to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. These are for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in your details again when you leave another comment. These cookies will last for one year.

If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices. Login cookies last for two days, and screen options cookies last for a year. If you select “Remember Me”, your login will persist for two weeks. If you log out of your account, the login cookies will be removed.

If you edit or publish an article, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser. This cookie includes no personal data and simply indicates the post ID of the article you just edited. It expires after 1 day.

Visitor Comments

Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service.

When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.

An anonymised string created from your email address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service Privacy Policy is available here: After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.

WP Smush

Plugin: Smush

Smush sends images to the WPMU DEV servers to optimise them for web use. This includes the transfer of EXIF data. The EXIF data will either be stripped or returned as it is. It is not stored on the WPMU DEV servers.

Smush uses the Stackpath Content Delivery Network (CDN). Stackpath may store web log information of site visitors, including IPs, UA, referrer, Location and ISP info of site visitors for 7 days. Files and images served by the CDN may be stored and served from countries other than your own. Learn more Stackpath’s Privacy Policy.

Smush uses a third-party email service (Drip) to send informational emails to the site administrator. The administrator’s email address is sent to Drip and a cookie is set by the service. Only administrator information is collected by Drip.


This plugin/extension sets the following cookies:

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). Embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website.

These websites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with that embedded content, including tracking your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account and are logged in to that website.


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Access to your information and opting out

We will always keep your rights and interests at the forefront of our actions.

If you have an account on this site, or have left comments, you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information we hold about you, to correct any inaccuracies in that information or ask us to delete such records. If you would like to have a copy of this information, please contact

If you find any inaccuracies we will correct them immediately. If you ask us to delete your records we will destroy all of your personal information that we hold in our files.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if we have not been able to satisfactorily resolve a problem about our handling of your personal information.

You have the right to opt out of any of this processing at any time. If you wish to do this, please contact:
Please bear in mind that if you opt out, this may affect our ability to carry out tasks above that are for your benefit.

Contact details and further information

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about any aspect of this privacy policy, and in particular if you would like to object to any processing of your personal information that we carry out for our legitimate organisational interests.

Our website address is: Adur Art Collective (Adur Arts) is a not-for-profit unincorporated association which works for the benefits of its members. Our contact information is

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