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Painters in Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Urban scenes, Figurative, Pop Art, Expressionist and Abstract Art. Drawings, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and ink, Calligraphy, Stained and Fused glass. Sculpture, Stone and Wood carving, Pottery, Ceramics, Paper cuts, Printmaking and Linocuts. Jewellery, Mosaics, Poetry, Textiles and craftsman designed wooden furniture.

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Shirley Trevena

Shirley Trevena has always pushed the boundaries of watercolour and is regarded as one of Britain's most innovative watercolourists. Shirley breaks the conventional rules of watercolour in many different ways: through her bold compositions, unusual perspectives, fascinating textures an, above all, the strength and vibrancy of her colour combinations. "Since I resigned from my planning job over 25 years ago to become a full-time artist, I have had the most wonderful adventure...

Aaron Broadhouse

Hello, My name is Aaron Broadhouse and I'm the owner of Photal Photography at Tarmount Studios. It is a family run business based in the heart of Shoreham-by-Sea (West Sussex). I have been at Tarmount Studios for nearly a decade, selling not only my own art work, but the work of local artists as well, in a variety of different formats. With my partner Sam, we also specialise in a bespoke framing and mounting service, offering a variety of mouldings and mount board to chose fr...

Tom Gillham

I am fascinated by what it is to be human, our encounters with nature and creation of man-made objects as a result. My art seeks to convey aspects of beautiful imperfection I see in the world. My intention is to create pictures and images that resonate and connect with others. Previously a Londoner, I am loving the fresh air and openness of West Sussex.  My home since 2011 is on edge of downs overlooking coastal town and sea, these local scenes have provided me with wonderful...

Candy Medusa

Candy Medusa is an artist, illustrator, marine biologist and loudmouth, constantly confused as to why artists' statements are supposed to be in the third person. Specialising in digital media, pen and ink, mixed media and upcycling, she draws much of her inspiration from nature and is passionate about the environment. She mostly makes art between midnight and 4am when the kids are asleep. Candy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally, including with the Royal So...

Claire Craig

My passion is working in copper,which i source from a recycling yard in a variety of forms. I then turn it into a range of jewellery,which includes bangles,earrings,rings and pendants. I have also recently made a selection of fused glass and copper pieces which i am currently working to transform into pendants.

Sarah Duffield

I try to paint my emotional connection to a landscape rather than a photographic representation. Often the way light is interacting with a landscape dictates the colours I use to describe it – morning light is pink and peach, the earth is often blue and cold while at Sunset the light is red or orange, grass is warmer and colours richer. People have a strong affinity with colour and often don’t realise how closely connected to emotion it is. When someone looks at one of my pai...


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