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Painters in Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Urban scenes, Figurative, Pop Art, Expressionist and Abstract Art. Drawings, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and ink, Calligraphy, Stained and Fused glass. Sculpture, Stone and Wood carving, Pottery, Ceramics, Paper cuts, Printmaking and Linocuts. Jewellery, Mosaics, Poetry, Textiles and craftsman designed wooden furniture.

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Drawing with Katie Sollohub

Back to the Elements – NEW COURSES I am continuing my championing of Drawing as a fundamental element of art practice, whatever your discipline. Drawing for All is a new…

Christmas Show at St Anne’s Galleries, Lewes

3 November – 23 December 2018 Saturdays & Sundays 10.00am – 5.00pm, or by appointment Remarkable paintings, compelling prints, intimate sketches and stand-out ceramics – affordably priced and perfect for…

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Featured Artists

I’ve been working with clay for most of my life and still get surprised by its possibilities. More recently I’ve been exploring the potential of ink and water. My work is initially in response to my surroundings but is essentially an expression of where I am internally.

Julia Ann Field

I paint plein air Landscapes, Sacred-scapes and saucy little "Willendorfs" based on the Paleolithic Venus figurine. ​

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your biog details here

Chris Howitt

I have been working with stained glass for about fifteen years. Initially I went on a one year further education glass where I learned the basics of leaded glass. Following that I went on to work with glass by myself, showing in Adur Art Trail and working on commissions for stained glass panels and windows, until I was persuaded by Sue Wallis to enrol on her stained glass course. Sue was a highly creative and talented artist who was passionate about glass and equally passiona...

Teresa Martin

I enjoy the challenge of making new solid forms from various powdered and liquid substances, both natural and man made. This is achieved by my adaptation of the casting process. The materials have a fresh existence and a new structure. There is a strong sense of game playing in this process. I set certain rules but much is left to chance and rapid decisions are needed to guide the emergence of the eventual piece. Its working with and against Nature. The rhythmic manipulation...

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