Sussex Artists

Painters in Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Urban scenes, Figurative, Pop Art, Expressionist and Abstract Art. Drawings, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and ink, Calligraphy, Stained and Fused glass. Sculpture, Stone and Wood carving, Pottery, Ceramics, Paper cuts, Printmaking and Linocuts. Jewellery, Mosaics, Poetry, Textiles and craftsman designed wooden furniture.

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The Future of adurArtcollective

The annual AGM of adurArtcollective Last Sunday 16th September at the Shoreham Centre marked the end of an era. As announced earlier in the year the joint Chairs Kim Adele…

Featured Artists

Cara Rees

I am inspired by the beauty in everyday life, nature and the moments we share. I enjoy experimenting with multiple media. I like playing with light, colour and texture to explore the relationship between what is seen and what the mind perceives. Instagram: beautyoutsidethelines

David Stringer

Another Slice Multi medium canvases

Val Chandler

Living on the coast at Shoreham I find water a great inspiration for many of my paintings. I have been painting for 10 years and enjoy experimenting with different applications of watercolour, including the unconventional technique of using watercolour on canvas. I am a full member of the Association of Sussex Artists and show my work regularly in various exhibitions locally.

Frans de Leij

I did not go to art school - in fact, I trained as a biologist at the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands). Although, I am a self-taught painter, I have gained a lot of inspiration from the work of other artists, notably from impressionist water-colourists like Edward Seago, John Yardley, Edward Wesson, Nina Engle and Trevor Chamberlain. The work of these painters breathes an air of directness and freshness that is so attractive about watercolour and almost impossible t...

David J Lilly

David is colour-blind, from birth. Born into a time and place where colour-blindness was considered a limiting factor, David was consciously discouraged at school from taking up an artistic career. David's most lasting memory of being exposed to mind-boggling art (as a teenager) was Coventry Cathedral; and it was from there that his love of coloured glass began. At the turn of the 21st century David found himself with free time and went on a stained glass course. This lead on...

Roger George Deller

I was born in a lunatic asylum in the middle of an air raid. The Luftwaffe had bombed the maternity hospital but spared the asylum fortuitously giving refuge to my desperate mother. We spent the next six months living on platform two of Moorgate Tube Station. The V1s drove us out of London and we evacuated ourselves to the safety of North Wales. Respite, then the V2’s struck, silent and insidious harbingers of evil. Again we fled, this time to an isolated farm somewhere in So...


Art Classes and Tuition

“Inspired by Matisse” a cut out workshop with Sarah Duffield
Time: October 27 @ 11:00 am – October 27 @ 4:00 pm

Pick your colours, choose a theme, paint your paper, draw with your scissors and produce a wonderful Matisse inspired collage. A fun session including some colour theory, composition ideas and cake. During this session we'll look at shades and tints, we'll generate interesting shapes using our own objects or photographs for reference, we will not touch a pencil and we'll hardly pick up a paint brush! A really fun session aimed at creating a "painting" in a different way.

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