Sussex Artists

Painters in Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Urban scenes, Figurative, Pop Art, Expressionist and Abstract Art. Drawings, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and ink, Calligraphy, Stained and Fused glass. Sculpture, Stone and Wood carving, Pottery, Ceramics, Paper cuts, Printmaking and Linocuts. Jewellery, Mosaics, Poetry, Textiles and craftsman designed wooden furniture.

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The Future of adurArtcollective

The annual AGM of adurArtcollective Last Sunday 16th September at the Shoreham Centre marked the end of an era. As announced earlier in the year the joint Chairs Kim Adele…

Featured Artists

Melvyn Biddulph

INSPIRATION: everything. BASE MATERIAL: anything that sits still long enough for me to slap paint on it or nail it to a wall. ARTWORK: serious stuff, sad stuff, thinky stuff, but more than anything - happy, silly stuff. SIZE: Any Size. From large works to minuscule. SUBJECTS: Whatever is swimming around in my head at the time. MEDIUM: Anything I can lay my hands on. GENERAL COMMENT: It is really nice, these days, not to worry about what anybody think's about my work. It took...

Alison McGechie

Alison works from her studio in Brighton Open Market creating sculpture and ceramic vessels and teaching adults and children handbuilding skills in clay. A teacher turned artist, Alison takes her inspiration from the human form and the human condition. Life drawing is at the root of her artistic practice and her 3D work stems from it. She works in a variety of media; ceramics, wood, metal and stone, as well as continuing to experiment in 2D, developing techniques and the rang...

Karolyn Mnich

Karolyn is a printmaker illustrator who has lived in Shoreham for the past 20 years and where the natural and urban landscape have become a feature of her work. Her artwork has been commissioned for a wide range of purposes from cover designs, greeting cards, puzzles, murals to way finding monoliths. Throughout the year Karolyn's colourful lino cuts and wood engravings can be seen at the Shoreham Art Gallery, where unframed prints and cards are also on sale. If you would like...

Sue Gill

Sue is inspired by the local environment to create vibrant emroideries and watercolours.

Val Chandler

Living on the coast at Shoreham I find water a great inspiration for many of my paintings. I have been painting for 10 years and enjoy experimenting with different applications of watercolour, including the unconventional technique of using watercolour on canvas. I am a full member of the Association of Sussex Artists and show my work regularly in various exhibitions locally.

Sylvie Howitt

Papercuts on vintage maps and music sheets My choice of vintage maps and music sheet is as much a part of my inspiration helping me to tell new stories and bring new life to a piece of paper lost in a box or destined for the dump. Over the years, maps and music sheets have rekindled memories from numerous customers, the paper and the story unlocking that first kiss, memory of that day out or a simple future dream. Each story starts life as a freehand drawing before i cut the...


Art Classes and Tuition

“Inspired by Matisse” a cut out workshop with Sarah Duffield
Time: October 27 @ 11:00 am – October 27 @ 4:00 pm

Pick your colours, choose a theme, paint your paper, draw with your scissors and produce a wonderful Matisse inspired collage. A fun session including some colour theory, composition ideas and cake. During this session we'll look at shades and tints, we'll generate interesting shapes using our own objects or photographs for reference, we will not touch a pencil and we'll hardly pick up a paint brush! A really fun session aimed at creating a "painting" in a different way.

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